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  • Written by . Posted at 11:38 am on June 21st, 2010

    I got to a point where I felt bad in my guts when looking at the little soldiers dying. I won’t spoil the surprise so wait to see it in the game. That will do for now. I’m refocusing now on network code finally. I want to play this game online ASAP!

    Btw. Feeling stuff in my body is my usual method of gameplay design. If something is good it just feels good. If I want a certain response for the player I have to feel it for myself first.

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    1. danyukhin

      As a perv with a decade-big experience, I can say that belly reacting to the visuals is a damn good sign. Good luck on the network field! And, uh, don’t you know when is the next release(approx.)?

    2. curious

      “Feeling stuff in my body is my usual method of gameplay design.” ­čśÇ ­čśÇ >:D

    3. Quentin Tarantino

      Sounds cool man.

      I don’t recall if you were working on a single-player mode or not, but that’d be cool to have too if this is just a multiplayer game so far.

    4. I guess that u’ll be the only person who thinks like that.

    5. niko šveikovsky

      Quentin Tarantino: Hopefully after LD is released, some developers will come up with a single-player campaign infrastructure that would integrate well with Micha┼é’s SDK, to allow for straightforward campaign mappack creation.

      I hope to see some really good fan-made mods (like the aforementioned campaign mode or other game modes) make it into the successive LD version, similar to the way that some really good fan-made soldat maps make it into the next version.

    6. niko šveikovsky

      michał, are you planning on making use of your seamless servers concept for the netcode?

      here’s an idea from me, working with the seamless server idea.

      instead of using multiple map files and stringing them together, mapmakers could potentially make the maps in their entirety, and not have to worry about the division points. What would be in charge of splitting the maps up would be a map management tool, something a server admin would run before starting up a server node group. it would compile “split files” for all of the server node points to read while the game was going on.

      these split files would determine where one server starts and another ends, so the server nodes wouldn’t have to keep track of rendering everything in the map or making all of the player/environment calculations, only what’s in their zone. the split files would contain the boundary data given the amount of server nodes, though it would generate boundaries for lower amounts of server nodes as well, so as the game can continue if one node goes down.

      the compiler would sometimes make fewer boundaries for certain smaller maps, so as there would never be a superfluous amount of zones (seeing as that would probably cause an increase in required computing per node, rather than decreasing computing). if an active node were to go down during a map where not all servers were being used, the load would swap over to an inactive server node.

    7. Underline

      wanna see some blood!


    8. Makron666

      I’ve never felt sick about any game, I guess I just don’t have emotions when I’m playing games, or any other time, lets hope LD can change that.

    9. As a perv with a decade-big experience, I can say that belly reacting to the visuals is a damn good sign.

      It’s the graphics combined with sounds.

      niko: Im not planning seamless servers for version 1.0 but I have it still in my mind. Your solution sounds valid but I would do it better. One big map file + streaming of the content. The file would never be stored in memory, just the section that is used would be streamed. If a player would go out of bounds, new data would be streamed and he would switch server at the same time.
      The map graphics cache already works like this. What I would have to code is streaming of collision data and other entities like respawns that are in the map.

    10. Nice review Fun!I agree with all of you that the prdioctuon was really bad and cheap. I especially HATED the dinner segment with the male artists. They forgot it was about the girls, the male artists only wanted to have attention. So disgusting! It was all about them which sucks.And the interviews was boring as hell, especially the top 6 interviews. STUPID.However, I liked the opening (until the start to ask the girls questions.. that was so stupid!). And I also liked the swimwear segment. They were the best.All in all, I was almost crying while watching the show.I dont know why ppl think the evening gowns were nice. I think they looked so bad! Especially with the flowers… ugh..#1: looked so much better but still lacks confidence. Liked the hair!#2: Even tho I dont like her I think she did quite well. But winners material?? Dont think so.#3: Poor Amy, that hair! But she did well!#4: I liked Tracy. Top 3 is well deserved imo. Dont like her big smile, but she ca practice it.#5: Is this Cookies???#6: My favorite girl was way too nervous. But she was still the prettiest of them all. Wanted to see her in Miss International!#7: She was one of my favs but photogenic!?! NO WAY! -_-“#8: She was strong even tho she looked a bit tired. Should be placed top 3.#9: I liked her in the finals! To bad she was paired with Edwin Siu because he kept talking and talking..#10: Very avarage. Shouldnt made top 6 to begin with.

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