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  • Written by . Posted at 11:44 am on June 22nd, 2010

    I’m rewriting the whole join game code. Game rules, items, weapons and maps will be serialized by server and sent to client on join game. This is mainly done so that mods are fully compatible over network.

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    1. I’m assuming that clients will have lists of locally available assets so that they don’t have to download EVERYTHING. But yeah, sounds cool! This approach was a huge boon for UT, Tribes, etc.

    2. Underline


      Sounds like the client will download text info (weapons and stuff) everytime he joins a server. But it will not take more then 2 seconds to finish.
      The download of imagens and sound should be done with the download of the Mod.
      Or MM will use something like the auto update for mods too. I dont know.

    3. To prevent cheating I would make everything downloadable at join game. But that would take too long. So graphics, sounds and stuff will be only downloaded if they arent present or are modified.

    4. Are you using some kind library for networking, or you just using plain sockets? I’ve using widely used RakNet for networking, but it’s licensing is a bit troubling.

    5. Finally some good shit. I’m hoping that u’ll share detailed posts about what you’re doing with the code. What is working now?

    6. I’m using the simplest library there is ENet and building my stuff on top of it. Network code has been covered already on this blog when I was writing it, I think in May last year. Everything works except the new stuff like climbing which I can’t figure out yet how to sync efficiently across network.

    7. Makron666

      Why dont you make a mod packager, so instead of having to put everything in the right place, we just dload a .LDM (Link Dead Mod) file, drag it in the /LD/Mod folder and just select it ingame.

    8. how come climbing is so much harder to sync then regular movement ?

    9. I would like collecting opponents heads. Carrying them in the belt, giving you a bonus. 😛 (a bit off-topic XD )

    10. NooMoahk


      Think “Highlander”, lol.

    11. MM, how much thought have you given to an anti-cheating system? I work in the computer security field, so I might be able to offer some help.

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