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  • Written by . Posted at 4:27 pm on July 9th, 2010

    Felt really tired, demotivated and pressured today by the massive work I still have to do in Link-Dead. But then I made some fantastic looking explosions and Odin blessed me with an awesome game idea about making respawn points an integral part of the gameplay and I feel a lot better.

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    1. Praise Odin |_ (-_-) _|

    2. Sounds great, it’ll take time but it will be amazing.

    3. what do you mean by “an awesome game idea about making respawn points an integral part of the gameplay”? since when it’s not a part of the gameplay in multiplayer games?

    4. I also wondered if he meant something entirely new, or just making it well done.

    5. Makron666

      Yea, please explain more about this new respawn system.

    6. Blacksheepboy

      Possibly dynamic respawn points, like, one’s that move? (control points, an example being Tactical Trenchwars)

    7. And by the way, don’t crush yourself under the weight of your great ideas and pressures to make something amazingly godly! Will you eventually have beta testers? From what [little] I know about game design, I understand them to be relatively crucial for a game’s final outcome. I read up on Valve’s designing philosophies the other day… What am I saying, you already know this stuff.

    8. Yes beta testing will be open soon. I got to get all the network stuff working first.

      I was thinking that respawns shouldnt be random but something the player can choose. It would be a strategic move to spawn in a specific location. Control points are one example. But I would go further and allow the player to create his own spawn points.

    9. tactical insertion – modern lagfare 2,best implementation of choosing where to spawn – battlefield series with Bad Company 2 perfecting it.

    10. Why you abandoned Soldat for such an unplayable crap like this LD? I still can’t understand it. Without you Soldat is about to die. Or died already…
      I’ve played some beta version of Link-Dead and It was so stiffy, slowy and all. This game will never be such playable as Soldat is. Sorry for such demotivating words, but this is what I think. i know it’s still early beta but…
      Think about it, seriously, first go play Soldat for 15 minutes, and then Link-Dead.
      I’m 90% sure that Link-Dead will share the same fate as Crimson Glory.

    11. Underline

      Soldat will never die and you know it. There is a new beta going to be release soon.

      LD is a different genre of game, you like it or not.

    12. kvachu, I am sure there are many people out there that love the games you hate and vice-versa.
      A handful of hateful opinions means nothing in a world of six billion.

    13. Just how long LD is under development? And how long soldat was until first playable version? I’m not here to tell MM that he is crappy developer, I’m here to save his(probably precious) time. I really wish him the best, because of Soldat I’m his fan actually, but without him Soldat isn’t the same.
      I’ve watched several YT movies available here about LD, and still think it won’t be so popular and so addicting as Soldat is.

    14. You say LD is slow. So wheres the problem about it? Its not soldat and needent be that fast and neednt containt so much action.
      By the way LD is still in development so how to judge about it that hard?
      You should get rid of those prejudices you got which are probably caused by being afraid that soldat could die but EnEsCe is working on it and he is a good programmer for sure (and MM is still working on Soldat)
      LD has quite nice graphics even if thats not the thing MM is looking for. As you can see in Soldat graphics arent important for gameplay but LD has still nice graphics, +
      This game is sth. which will offer you many things to do.
      Having a long Dev Time shows only that he is coding this game with Love.
      When i first played LD i had bit the same feelings like you because i played Soldat since 1.2 and its so much different.
      But when i had a proper look at it without all the prejudices i could instantly see its future as a new dynamic game.
      By the way.
      The Inventory Menu isnt really easy to handle but i guess you´ll change this if your working on a proper menu, but this should be done if the main code is done.
      I doubt that LD will not find enough players or sth. like that cause it will be a great game

    15. AnonGamer001

      Keep going MM you can do it! Can’t wait to see the game when its done! =D. Have you ever considerd joining a development team. Maybe in the future when you decide to create another game, a little help couldn’t hurt. I’m sure there are game developers who are watching this blog right now who wish they could help you complete this game.

    16. LD is a work of passion so I think that it will eventually be very good(considering it to be a multiplayer shooter). It is fun to play the deathmatch test but it lacks a lot. Michal is adding a lot of stuff I wished for like ragdolls(really poor right now, but it’s a ragdoll so im happy), particle based bullets etc. It’s a different game than soldat and that direction is good.
      On the other hand it’s been a long time since michal started doing a new game, first failed attempt at crimsonland, berserker, fail of transhuman design, many changes to the LD idea and amount of work ahead of him it will take a lot of time to make this game a finished project – if ever. As with soldat, new stuff will be added over time so it will be a neverending story. mm is a single developer and when you’re making decisions like ‘do i add new stuff or work on an infinity of bugs? ‘ this guaranties a flawed experience. Either the game will be finished in next 2-3 years or mm wil focus on making the shooter LD awesome and then a brand new game which would be strategy LD with game master mechanics. I think that making this a franchise would be a pretty good idea.

    17. Makron666

      “But I would go further and allow the player to create his own spawn points.”

      Like the old game Silencer?

    18. also Killzone 2 recently.

    19. capturable control/spawn points in bunkers or dropzones would be awesome, dont forget that aircraft( helicopters or dropships ) are able to transport troops from the main base spawnpoint aswell all over the battlefield :)

      nonetheless, capturable spawn points and player made are awesome ( battlefield 2142 )

    20. Clive Jericho

      squad spawn?
      join a squad(max 5 players) and spawn at any of the players in it?

    21. explosions? dust effects? cool physics-affected weapons?

    22. This is why I’m still not running an official forum to postpone those kinds of discussions soldat vs ld. I bet there will be a lot of them.

      kvachu: Imagine Soldat with one unfinished map and 2 weapons. A little fun but for an hour. Same thing with LD.
      I can’t work on 2 games, I had to move from Soldat. There will be a new version out this month probably.

      Makron666: Like the old game Silencer?
      I only played it alone because there were no servers anymore. Could you tell me more about it if you played it?

      Clive Jericho: squad spawn?

    23. I’ve played Medal of Honor beta recently and I must say that one game element owned me. That is dynamic spawning in team assault mode. There are 2 teams and square map. Teams are spawned in the opposite corners or corners where their teammates dominate. When they manage to drive off foe, they ‘capture new’ spawn and enemy will be spawned somewhere else. It’s pretty hard to explain but… I’m not CoD, MoH or BF fan. I’m simple player and do not foster any of those shooters. I just say that MoH ‘team assault’ mode and such spawning are great. Makes everything really dynamic (but still MoH is realistic). If you have time, MM, you can just check it (read about it, I don’t mean playing… but I have beta key and can lend account if you want to see it in action)

    24. Makron666

      I can. When u start, you can place a door to your base anywhere in the map, and when u die, you spawn from that door, enemies can also invade your base if they find your door (it is usually cloaked). A certain class let’s you move your door at your will. Strategic placement of your door makes it easier to complete your objective.
      I think there are more people playing it now, not sure though. Just check the forums to see if anyone is still playing.

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