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  • Written by . Posted at 3:30 am on July 30th, 2010

    I added realistic aiming including recoil, aim lag to simulate gun heaviness and all sorts of wobbly effects that affect the aim during movement. The result is fantastic, combat is MUCH more interesting. I’m adding more weapon variables today.

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    1. questions :

      How hard will it be to mod the game vars? adding new classes and such ?

      does the animation editor come along with the game ?

      Does the sprite editor come along with the game ?

      Will you still make vehicles ?

      Will you make gadgets/engineerclass stuff in the first release ?

      Will the hacker be in the first release?

      Will the medic be in the first release?

      Can we still love you for making the best game ever?

    2. Hah… Good questions, nice news.
      “The result is fantastic” – oh, very good. But next time… write more: “The feelings is… is like you’re shooting real gun in 2D… No, I don’t know how that feels but I think it feels like it.”

    3. ZeroG001

      will there be an option to turn the realism off, just in case?

    4. You know, I really like the direction this game is taking.

      Personally, as I recall, last time I played Soldat, I played it using a US Civil War type mod (where the guns take forever to reload) on a sort of WWII-ish map. just trenches in a big field, and not much else. You had to get the enemy flag in one life, from the left side of the map to the right side, then back again. The map had no jets.

      I guess what I am trying to say is that that was my tactical version of Soldat. You would have to quickly pop your head out of a trench, shoot, then duck and reload. If an enemy hopped in the trench, or got too close, you’d have to switch to your bayonet (knife).

      The gist is, I like the pseudo-realistic/tactical approach you’re taking.

    5. we need elevators and doors… make those : |

    6. curious

      and elevator music! 😀

    7. Make a short animation of the player turning from looking left to looking right. A couple of ms lag wouldn’t hurt there, either.

    8. elevator music ftw

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