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  • Written by . Posted at 5:42 pm on August 11th, 2010

    Spent the day mostly with the paper compiler (paper + pen). Got some promising results. God I hope this works out, I don’t want to sacrifice the quality I got now for the sake of network synchronization!

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    1. What things are you having trouble synchronizing?

    2. hail odin!

    3. Underline

      hail odin! (2)

    4. I prefer Jesus! But I’m sure your god will work miracles for you too haha

    5. Odin is the God of War and Network Packet Transmission.

      What things are you having trouble synchronizing?

      The movement and animations are jerky over network. The standard methods of dealing with this either lead to desynchronisation or they are not satisfactory.

    6. Marc McMillon

      Hmmmm, I see….

      Makes me wonder how the guys who create euphoria did it.

    7. Makron666

      euthoria is client side afaik.

    8. MM: Traditionally I thought you don’t synrhonize things like animations (because it won’t really matter if one player sees something slightly different).

      If this isn’t the case though; can you just synchronize say, the random seed every client uses to work out what animation they’re supposed to be doing?

      Or even just say ‘Im beginning animation #1 at position X, Y’ and everyone can understand how to process that animation without being constantly told ‘Im at frame 3 now’ etc.

      Just a few ideas! :)

    9. Presumably complex procedural animations can be triggered server-side but executed client-side, as with Euphoria?

    10. Yeah client-side is the way to go. Although I thought it wouldn’t work very well because the movement of the player is based on the animations in Link-Dead not the other way around.

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