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  • Written by . Posted at 5:34 am on August 13th, 2010

    All my methods of net sync smoothness fail, this is a really hard task. Finally I got some good results from using an improved method I did in Soldat. Which is: update the client players from the info from server if and only if the position of the player changes *significantly*. This, as Carmack would say, “just works”.

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    1. Sounds like you are having a time of your life.

      Will ragdolls be synced for shareable humiliation?

    2. Doesn’t your lag get doubled this way?

      Sounds like a very lazy solution to make the warping ‘not that bad’.

    3. dosent sound good.

    4. Why dont you ask one of these guys who code that stuff in the really big fps games? I know one of them pretty well. He created a browsergame in his freetime:
      Its the best browsergame out there. His name is jorrit.

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