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  • Written by . Posted at 4:02 am on August 15th, 2010

    I had a dream last night that Link-Dead was a 4 player online co-op game. The 4 players were a heavy dude, a hacker, a soldier and a scout. It was sort of like the A-Team were there are relationships between the characters. One is wacky, the other on doesn’t like flying and doesn’t like the wacky one etc. The gameplay was sort of like Lost Vikings, it was pretty cool, especially with the scripting were you could change events in real-time by applying new scripts. But it’s just a dream. Btw. I’m seriously considering changing Link-Dead’s name to sth else because on first glance it brings too much resemblance to Left4Dead. This is a big NO.

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    1. I think that LinkDead is a very nice name. Didnt associate it with left4dead yet. Now that you say it i can see the similarity. Anyway, keep the name pls :)

    2. Makron666

      LD was around before L4D was even a concept. Also, i really like that idea, sorta reminds me of bad company.

    3. Left4Dead rules :(

    4. Vectorious

      Development on Left 4 Dead started in mid-2005.

      This is true.

    5. @Luma

      That is what I also think.
      Do not chage the name only because it sounds like the name of another game.

    6. I hadn’t actually made that connection with l4d until you mentioned it, i’m not sure it’s something you should worry about. Of course i don’t represent the world so who knows what other people will think.

      As a side note, i personally loved l4d, although l4d2 didnt ‘grab’ me like the first one did unfortunately.

    7. yeah i didn’t connect it to l4d either.

      change the name to link dead forever :>

    8. Need more inspirado posts here. 😐

    9. Soldead would have been a nice name for Soldat 😛

    10. URL-Dead

    11. URL-404

    12. SadistAtHeart


      Problem solved by my creative genius

    13. @Vectorious,

      Link-Dead was created thousands of years ago by Odin, the god of war himself. :)

    14. On topic, the acronyms LD and L4D can probably be mixed up quite easily.

    15. HexanValaris

      I have a dream from, i playing with 4 friend on 1 computer, and play coop:D

    16. Makron666

      @HT| Exactly what i was gonna say, Link-Dead was conceived before man, MM smashed his head one day and was put in a coma, Odin woke him up under one condition, that he recreate their old war simulator, and transfered part of his endless knowledge to MM, who communicates with odin through he’s dreams. True story.

    17. just translate “link” and “dead” to Polish lol

    18. łącze martwy

    19. Left 4 Dead is an awesome game!

    20. Makron666: I swear that’s what happened.

      Derich: LOL

    21. padezco de miedos exesivos a cualquier cosa al sonido del telefono , de un trailer me asusta todo morirme siempre estoy preocupada por to8ed#d230;.ayu&onme se ke esto no es normal, estoy llendo a terapia pero no e encontrado mejoria gracias .

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