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  • Written by . Posted at 4:15 pm on August 20th, 2010

    I made a damage & healing system including bandaging yourself. It looks really cool. Right now there are standard bullet wounds and fall damage. This slows very much the movement of the player and affects aiming. I’d like to expand this later with stuff like internal organ damage, bleeding, bone fractures. All of these could be healed with proper medical tools.

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    1. Even at this point I am quite sure the damage system needs more dismemberment.

    2. Healing system needs gore.
      How does on field medicate internal bleeding BTW?

    3. Link Dead – an unoficial sequel to Robinsons Requiem?

    4. nice makes the game really intense and dynamic

    5. sounds cool man, keep it up with posting the functions and gameplay mechanics that will be in the game.

    6. it didn’t work out too well in stalker. keep a good realism/fun balance in all mechanics cuz LD is supposed to be (?) an online tactical shooter so think is a player gonna have enough time on the battlefield to make some sophisticated medical procedures?. messing with the inventory, choosing right components just to get hit again with one bullet and die? maybe we should have an MRI machine in the bases to go there and figure out what’s wrong with you? such stuff might be fun but in a rpg turn-based game. players should focus on the gunplay and objectives. healing yourself is ok with a medkit but over complicating things is not a good idea.

    7. niko šveikovsky

      I second the notion to not overcomplicate things. You can indeed do something more than a medikit, but going too many iterations further will merely frustrate gamers. In a survival mod in Unreal 1, medikits add to the player’s health but do not stop bloodloss damage trickling. Bandages on the other hand only add a small bit to the player’s health, but stop bloodloss damage. Both medikits and bandages can be carried by players to be used later. Perhaps soldiers could only carry one medikit and one bandage, but medics can carry many of them?

    8. Blacksheepboy

      You sir are insane.

    9. Does that also include bleeding to death over time if you don’t treat severe injuries? Tell us more man :)

      That aside, I’m really looking forward to LD.


    10. You’re sadist.

    11. Link Dead – an unoficial sequel to Robinsons Requiem?
      Haha I always like the concept of that game. I never played it though. Just read it was utterly frustrating.

    12. Link Dead – an unoficial sequel to Robinsons Requiem?
      Haha I always liked the concept of that game. I never played it though. Just read it was utterly frustrating.

    13. It might be good to give every player limited medical care, but I would suggest making a class or ability that significantly enhances a player’s ability to apply aid, and even resuscitate a fallen comrade. It’d allow some players to act in a dedicated support role.

      That was one of the things I loved about the Battlefield series. You had at least three other things you could do besides kill shit: supply ammo and covering fire (Support class), heal wounds and paddle people to bring them back from near-death (Medic class), or repair vehicles, structures, and lay anti-vehicle mines (Engineer Class).

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