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  • Written by . Posted at 12:13 pm on September 29th, 2010

    Working on suggestions and bugs from alpha testers. Plus added support for point sprites which is a super fast way of rendering particles.

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    1. Come on, your previous main game is just dying slowly and your fucking useless dvper is JUST dead, kick him or something like that and back to soldat………


    2. ^_*

    3. spidey, fuck you :)

    4. I still cant register on the forums so i cant share my opinions! =(

      Also, spidey, fuck you (2)



    5. just a small hint for you, underline:
      log in with your “”-account. worked for me without problems. if you don’t have one, make one :o)

    6. oh, and I forgot: fuck you (3) 😀

    7. illu: i made 2 news account… isnt working here..

    8. add graffti jpeg to client side of the game.

    9. Be aware that Radeon HD 5xxx series has some problems with point sprites.

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