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  • Written by . Posted at 1:29 am on October 15th, 2010

    Another alpha released, we still need to play a bigger match to test it. I’ve taken the first step to compiling LD on Linux by attempting to run it through GCC. It’s a pain in the ass to say the least.

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    1. How can I play this alpha?

      My stuff
      Intel Core 2 Duo 3GHz
      2Gb RAM
      Radeon HD 4800 512Mb

    2. Poochinator

      Yeah I wana play too.

    3. Its just private, please wait for the public alpha, it should be soon.

    4. That’s cross-platform for you :)

    5. HexanValaris

      I cant wait =/

    6. same i want it right now <3

    7. Well, i test the first realease and its awesome, i’ll waiting the alpha. the graphics are ok, and the gameplay its weird but still good. 8/10 for the first release, the bots are a little smart, or maybe they aim pretty well. But in general terms the game is looking great. So, keep going! You’re doing great 😛

      See ya~

    8. Do you need more private testers?

      I dont know how long I have been following this blog, somewhere around when the mighty lighting effects video was put up I thing. I have been following the progress intently, and have been involved with soldat for at least 4 years. Keen to be a tester.

    9. A possibility of cross-platform? That’s great news!

    10. as soon as you have a linux server ill be able to host a fast european game server.

    11. thepessimist

      Hello. I have 3 PC’s with Linux on them and I would like to test some Link-Dead stuff. Contact me via email if you want to discuss more about this.

    12. the alpha testers have plenty of linux stuff.

    13. Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been able to join you this week, had a shitload to do. Any planned rounds taking place today/tomorrow?

    14. would it be okay to make something like a video about some match you guys played ? or will the public alpha release come that soon that it is not necessary.

      also like to know if there will be accounts and what they will contain like there are in soldat soon ( portal ), because i have heard something you said that you want to connect all transhuman design products somehow.

    15. if we are going to record, i want a better fucking server

    16. The server we are playing on isn’t really good cause its emulates windows. I gotta make a linux dedicated server. I can’t record cause my computer isn’t fast enough.

      There will be accounts. If you have a account it will work.

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