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  • Written by . Posted at 3:18 am on October 18th, 2010

    Game compiles under gcc, there are some rendering errors and probably more. I haven’t tested it cause I went straight into Linux compilation. There’s a million little functions and things that need to be changed to their Linux equivalent.

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    1. btw. if you want to have link dead released someday for the xbox live arcade you should have it only on windows cuz microsoft most likely won’t allow a multi os game. case study – machinarium

    2. thepessimist

      Compile the windows program with winegcc and link with winelib. Then you don’t have to fix anything.

    3. @mmankt yeah, as much as I would love to have Link Dead on Xbox live, I don’t think that MM alone won’t be able to manage the needs of both the xbox and PC community. Hacking is a whole issue in itself for PC/Xbox gaming. People will ruin link dead online play by hacking it, its going to happen because people are douches.

    4. you don’t understand. m$ wants only windows/xbox exclusive games. no linux or mac games on the xla.

    5. c704710

      mmankt, you don’t understand. m$ can go to hell.

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