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  • Written by . Posted at 2:05 am on October 26th, 2010

    I just played a little game called Combat Arms. I was positively surprised. This is really rare for me these days. There is even one thing I envy and it is their backend – lobby, matchmaking, online shop, chat, invites, the whole thing. If there was 10 of me I would like to make that.

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    1. I played that for a while when it came out, got tired of the hackers (which were a serious problem at the time) and the fact that it was based on experience and leveling up. I liked the online experience overall though, the game just wasn’t particularly fun (the developers priority was money rather than making the game better imo)

    2. but yeah, the social features like the lobby chat and built in clans and stuff were great

    3. lol, combat arms. I love how nexon publishes ‘free’ games but the only way to be successful in the game is to buy items for your characters with real money. I don’t know if you knew but a lot of MMOs do it. They sell crap like cute clothes and upgrades for your character and people eat it up…not a bad idea.

      Check out War Rock and Crossfire. Both similar types of games.

    4. I had fun although there were just 2 weapons. You can try to pickup a gun from somebody that bought which is cool. I agree there isn’t more fun for a couple days, but still you can have some free fun.

      What bothers me with item selling is that I don’t know how much I’ll spend. If I buy a game I know its just 20$ and that’s it, but with these items… I don’t know were the limit is (which is of course a great thing for Nexon).

    5. Combat Arms is a very shallow game experience. It’s repetitive and the ways to achieve your targets are very limited in that there is little originality after everyone worked out the best tricks and spots to camp or hide. Although there is the ‘fun for a day’ quarantine mode which is really quite cool most of the game is just… boring.

    6. MapleStory is the only successful game of Nexon imo. It’s really great.

    7. @xmRipper I really hate to admit this but I spent a good portion of a couple summers playing that game and a good $60+ on nexon items. Can’t say its a bad game though because its very addicting…

      Maybe ill see whats up, haven’t played that game in a while…

    8. I played Combat Arms, it was fun for a while but then i was really bored…
      A.V.A (also a MMOFPS) is way better, i really played it for a long time.

      Anyway MM, please don’t add these MMO-Elements to LD, pleeeease!

    9. treeSkwerral

      I played it when it came out then quit for better games. I came back to it two years ago but quickly got bored of it when you realize they go through cycles of hackers. It wouldn’t be bad if these cycles were small but they are usually 30-40% of a release time full of hackers.

      A better game is called Urban Terror which is made with the Quake 3 engine.

      By the way MM, what do you do for a living? I have wondered this for a very long time because you mention days where all you do is code.

    10. Know what was better? Gunz, pre-ijji. Before the microtransactions it was an excellent game.

    11. Blacksheepboy

      Yeah, as bad (and serial) as the game might look, it’s fast-paced enough to be fun. Otherwise it would suck.

      Ever tried Soldner? I had a friend who went nuts over it for a while.

    12. “”If there was 10 of me I would like to make that.””

      Don’t know what about Combat Arms, tho I would suggest that you team up with some ambitious students or some open source community (etc.)
      Find some guy who will do good programming work solely for experience. I personally would help you just to be able to say I did that and that ( to my friends and even employer)..

    13. My bad, you got a team..
      I should visit every corner before I make my first post.

      Good Luck tho 😉

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