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  • Written by . Posted at 3:50 am on January 24th, 2011

    The next LD release will be a different game. Even if there are things to fix & tweak it will be a much better one. I remade the controls and movement to something that is much easier and automatic. At first I wanted the movement to be something the player must tackle and learn. But the results are too determined and even if you learn the controls they sometimes distract from elements in the game that are much more fun. I’m not a fan of making it easy for the player, but having fun is most important. So if you played the game and didn’t like the controls wait for the next release. It will be much easier + it will still have the mastering element because it will allow for learning cool tricks with the use of rolls, flips and wall jumps.

    One of the fun things about the alpha version is that nothing is fixed yet. When you pay to play and participate in the game testing you can actively develop the game with me. Many things being implemented right now are ideas we talk about on the message forums. When the beta is out it will be a near finished product and new ideas won’t be so easily added.

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    1. looking forward to it.

    2. This better be good ^^

    3. Underline

      now I love you even more (again).

    4. Wall jumps? Flips?

      We’ll see how this goes.

      We’ll see.

    5. Actually I wanna say it makes me wanna buy this game more than ever.
      Srsly. Gonna spend some time on gettin PayPal account.

    6. Great. I’m hoping for a long alpha :) !!!

    7. Yes, It’s wonderful to stumble upon game at the stage as it is so that you can see it grow from something great to something awesome. And even in small ways influence the growth by joining the brain storming.

    8. Soldat is a Game where it is hard to learn how to move and controls are difficult for new players.

      So its more fun to improve and build skills and stuff but really hard for new players.

      There should be a way that new players know how to move properly but experienced players can do special movements like it is in soldat ( think about your first time playing it and compare it to the way you move now from A to B)

    9. I can’t help thinking that this is a step towards Soldat 2

      Catering to players with a multitude of learning disabilities is a noble endeavour, but still…

    10. danyukhin

      Grats! Now to get more people to play it>.>

    11. danyukhin

      I think I posted in a wrong post…

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