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  • Written by . Posted at 5:54 am on January 31st, 2011

    Some of the upcoming features:

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    1. All we need now is some jet boots.

    2. this video is not avaible in my country :/

    3. this video is not avaible in my country :/ i hate my country and i hate youtube mutch more !!!!

    4. try this:

      Not the best parkour-vid I have seem but still some very nice moves. The wall-climbing at 2:35 is amazing.

    5. Cant wait for the new movements. Cant grasp witch one of those made it in. That will be a great surprise.

    6. Underline
      this game really have nice movements.. take a look!


    8. So, you are going to add spidermans climbing on walls, scaring people behind windows? 😉

    9. I actually train in parkour and pretty much buy every game with parkour.

      If cats and 180 cats are in LD, I will be very, VERY pleased.

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