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  • Written by . Posted at 3:53 pm on March 9th, 2011

    I rewrote the ragdoll collision code. Based it on cylinders not balls. Seems much better now.

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    1. Underline


    2. Whats the advantage of this?

    3. The balls got stuck on corners so the ragdoll hung down like it was grabbing the ledge. It slides smoothly now.

    4. current ragdolls, no offense, really suck. they’re worse then soldat’s. it’s really rare that they act as you’d expect. sometimes after an explosion they go up and suddenly turn left or right. also:did you add joint limits? can’t wait for a quick ragdoll update – why wait for next big build;) or some video of you dragging it around:)

    5. Well that’s history now.
      Next build shouldn’t take long.

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