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  • Written by . Posted at 4:59 am on March 11th, 2011

    I made all melee actions with a gun performed while holding the “melee modifier” key. This gives a lot of freedom to the way you fight. I will be exploring melee combat for a while because I have a gut feeling this will be a big part of LD. The characters are much bigger than in Soldat so it is much more satisfying to see fully how the soldiers fight.

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    1. If cloaking is kept as only major mutant element then I think you are wrong. Some alternative is needed.

    2. You already said it yourself, me need more toys. Right now light uberman lacks any sort of a way to gain an edge in the battle besides the usual mobility, but that’s hardly enough.
      Cloaking itself is okay, it just needs alternatives and stuff.

      Any chance of this “melee combat exploration” being done in the dev branch?

    3. Just wondering if you’ve seen this. Looks a bit like your project.

      You probably have :)

    4. FinDude: light uberman + spear = DEATH

      Psycho: haven’t seen it, looking now…

      … I see lots of potential. Too slow for my taste and too bad it’s not fully multiplayer.

    5. MM, two options:

      It’s a light mutant, he’s cloaked. He shoots you first if he’s doing his job right.

      Secondly, he has armor. You can’t do anything without a railgun or something.

      Note that these two options are not mutually exclusive.

    6. You can use the heartbeat detector to sense his presence.
      About the armor issue this is a deeper problem, I’m posting a blog now about it.

    7. So you know he’s SOMEWHERE.
      All that does is tell you that you might die without a chance to fight back any second now.

      The armor thing is mostly because of the lack of players.

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