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  • Written by . Posted at 11:34 am on March 29th, 2011

    Another site with free game graphics. Is there any catalog of sites like this?

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    1. danyukhin

      You need to play an April Fools joke on everyone

    2. danyukhin

      Also, sorry for off-topic doubleposting, but where’s the v. 1999 changelog?

    3. Bman, in addition to ultghlirats and light sport aircraft, sailplanes are a nice way to go in some areas. Down here in AZ, you can join a club with reasonable annual dues and sign out an aircraft to fly pretty much whenever you want. Sailplanes have a faster learning curve than powered aircraft, and experience flying sailplanes translates well into powered aircraft. You can also fly those things all day here in AZ not a drop of fuel required after release from tow.For me, flying has always been more about being in the air and less about going from point to point. In my Air Force days, I soloed in a sailplane. I was about to solo in a plane before I stopped the powered lessons (medical red tape at the time). I switched to hang gliding (referred to as free flight or foot-launched flight) for quite a few years, and that was really more my style. I liked carrying my aircraft on my back (~60 lbs) and storing it on a ladder rack in my garage. I liked understanding every single bolt on my aircraft, and I liked being able to do a truly complete pre-flight check. I liked being able to buy a brand new aircraft for less than the cost of a used car. I especially liked the feeling of complete and utter freedom while in the air. I was not in the aircraft, I WAS the aircraft. No claustrophobic cockpit. What a feeling to thermal up over 13000 feet and fly over the back of a majestic mountain range.I gave up the hang gliding when I nearly killed myself on a steep mountain launch. For those of you that don’t believe in God a near death experience followed by a miraculous save all the while KNOWING that God was in the glider with me that day would have cured me from a lifetime of atheism. I would like to emphasize that the incident was completely due to pilot stupidity, and I believe hang gliding is inherently safe as long as you are properly instructed, current, and flying within your capabilities.I still think about free flight often and long to be back in the air. I have a little powered harness that converts a hang glider into a foot-launched ultralight, and I might one day take to the skies again.

    4. Le « bon ton », le « bon ton », Paul Sven, comme vous y allez !Quand l’histoire ne cesse de se répéter, même en s’inversant, est-il toujours question de « bon ton » ? Le « bon ton » de l’Histoire , tiens, voilà bien un nouveau concept pour les futurs historiens !

    5. All of them. I reposted the pernicious drug blurb back to Kirribilli House. Apparently so many people sent back the brochures about being Lerts instead of Larmeds (myself among them), Australia Post had to open a special room to store them. This, of course, did not surface on national TV til months after, and then, very cursorily.I take the view that all Howard Govt. advertising is a Liberal Party plot to subvert Australian democracy and decent, as opposed to Howardian, Australian values.

    6. Qué monas son todas tus cocinas siempre Cecilia ,las de hoy parecen de cuento ,son una coquetada…no sabría cuál elegir ,son tantos detalles bonitos :la loza ,los cojines ,el mobiliario ,la luz ,las flores……aunque peque de egoista me quedo con todas ;)Bss

    7. Ada-ada ajah… Kreatif banget. Pasti laris tuh. soalnya unik namanya: Pertamini. Salut sama mbak Nunik yang jeli melihat hal-hal unik di sekitarnya budiastawa selesai posting Wajah Lama Make-up Baru

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