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  • Written by . Posted at 6:45 am on April 1st, 2011

    We are physically moving the master server to a new location. This means the Link-Dead servers list will be offline for a couple hours or more. There might be also some temporary problems with my websites.

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    1. Well, I was thinking more about the game a day aespct. The fact that they had a handheld with peer-peer communication AND an app -store concept that long ago was amazing. The fact that they managed to fade into obscurity with such a killer product was more amazing still. They just didn’t get what they had, and they were kind of obtuse when folks would try to make intelligent suggestions.I have about six or so Cybiko classics, if anyone wants to have at it. I’ll need to see if I can dig up the old SDK. They had a hacked GNU C compiler that generated interpreted P-code. It was actually pretty good If anyone knows Greg Smith (or if Greg wanders by here) let’s have a Cybiko renaissance

    2. स्व-चिंतन ही आत्मबोध है,अंतर-मनन सर्वोत्तम शोध है,मन के गागर को मैं नित नितगंगा-जमुना से भरता हूँ.मैं खुद से("ज्ञानों" वाली यानी"ज्ञानियों" वाला) बातें करता हूँ!

    3. Could be good. Could be bad. Could be pretty much the same as currently. Could bring passive-aggressive behavior to a scale never before imagined. (The jokes available there are literally endless.) Since I don’t much foresee it happening, what difference my guesses? Or to put it another way: what if there were no hypothetical situations?

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