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  • Written by . Posted at 4:22 am on April 6th, 2011

    Dedicated server finally seems stable. There were no crashes since the 1999 release. I’m happy about this. I will be now consequently moving forward towards the beta, make a proper team game mode, get more people playing etc.

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    1. danyukhin

      So you mean the main mechanic is more or less done?

    2. yeeeahh!)) congratulations!)

    3. we played 2 days ago with a few ppl and had lots of fun but it still plays more like soldat. Movement speeds need to be lower for the light ones,there should be no somersaults, claws are way too powerful, legs and hands should need like 5-6 shots to die because it’s too easy to kill.

      also can you explain, why there’s no shadows from light sources? but only gun flashes, flashlights and explosions? maps should have a global light source and from the lights, that would make sense to use flashlights, watch out when you shoot etc. right now it’s kinda shitty.

      can’t wait for the proper team mode, so the game can be balanced towards it.

    4. Great news. The objective based team mode will transform link dead into LINK DEAD.

      I’m sure plenty of people will hope in if the game is in a more finished state (game mode mainly).

      All you need is some good free publicity.
      Il be taking more footage for a new trailer if your interested…
      If you want specific things give me a list!
      Il also try my hand at editing and see what I can come up with.

      The idea would be to create multiple trailers… 1 trailer give you 1 day of exposition on most gaming site.

      I think making 1 main great trailer and many cool small one usually works just to catch some more attention.

    5. hop in*

      sry terrible english…

    6. niko šveikovsky

      i have to agree with mman here, link-dead’s graphics are disappointing thus far. i’m well aware that gameplay development and testing is what’s going on right now, and that you don’t have time for anything besides that at the moment. but have you abandoned any of the visuals-features thus far? i’m mainly talking about the stuff in the original link-dead eyecandy preview.

      also i have to say i’m really pumped for the team mode. as stated previously, link-dead will become LINK-DEAD.

    7. Currently game kicks ass. I love it. Only some problems currently in core game. Like armour is extremely sturdy (I think you intended weaker armour). Throwing and Melee weapons need to be worked out properly so they are more reliable with collision and killing. So far I’ve only manage to kill a person in current version by throwing my pistol. I’ve not yet manage to kill anything with pickaxe. I once killed someone with thrown spear but It might be the suicide pack, It was epic so I was not really sure.

      Anyway. Making the server stable is big step. Now we need some admin tools to keep them running.

    8. blacksheepboy

      Something is up with the download for various reasons. I posted a thread in the forums about it under help.

    9. unwoundpath

      @blacksheepboy I have the same problem and I can’t create an account for some reason.

    10. All was taken care of. Don’t want to stain your good name. Thanks MM

    11. Great news. The objective based team mode will transform link dead into LINK DEAD.

      Yes exactly.

      also can you explain, why there’s no shadows from light sources?

      There are a number of issues with the dynamic light sources. Mainly performance reasons. They slow down the game significantly. I still have to find a way to make them work faster.

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