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  • Written by . Posted at 12:23 pm on April 15th, 2011

    Remember this? benefactor

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    1. Too bad I missed out on the Amiga days. In it’s day it was a superior system, but it’s creators never bothered to further it’s design to compete with modular pc’s and lost to a world dominated by Windows.

      I like the shadowing in this game.. it really makes the floors and walls stand out perfectly. After watching some footage on youtube – looks like a well done title and pretty fun.

    2. thepessimist

      That is Benefactor (1994)

    3. Benefactor, FFS! God, I loved the music in this one. I still have some recordings of the soundtrack – done with a Grundig tape recorder – from a friend’s A600…

    4. Makron666

      Honestly, those graphics look good even now. Why cant people make games that simple anymore, just ramp up the effects, and you get a perfect looking game.

    5. wow, I just watched some of the gameplay here:

      the graphic-style (and especially the music) is amazing! I maybe need to watch out for some emulator and rom to play this. =D

    6. n-A game producers, take note:
      Just because your npc’s are invincible does not mean you can just fuck up their scripting.

    7. Can’t help but say that it reminded me of Commander Keen at a first impression. Naturally, I came in kinda late (naturally cause I was like, what, 6?) to the whole scene, and probably one of the first games I played on PC was Iron Blood, oddly enough…

    8. Makron666

      LOL. My first game was thomas the tank engine on DOS. Benefactor came out the year I was born.

    9. it’s cool game. i watch full walkthrough! it is awesome!))

    10. The good old Amiga
      Have a nice weekend

    11. dupekoljub


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