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  • Written by . Posted at 3:49 am on July 7th, 2009

    I’ve been working on the netcode for the last few days without internet connection. It is amazing how much work you can do without the devil.

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    1. _'̈́_lol_'̈́_

      Link-Dead needs physics similar to the old oe-cake 2D.

    2. link dead needs to be awesome. nothing more to say…

    3. Clive Jericho

      I was wondering why you hadn’y made a new post for a while.

      How did you get your advice from Arnold for thoses few days?!?

    4. >It is amazing how much work you can do without the devil.


    5. Underline

      and its amazing how less work you can do without the devil!

    6. >It is amazing how much work you can do without the devil.

      bad if you need to know something quickly which you don’t have got locally

    7. michal is god, he doesnt need the internet to make linkdead 😛

    8. Aaaah, so you’re the guy who asked that question in the Soldat FAQ!

      “Are you a God?” “No, I just look like that”

    9. he does kinda look like god with the beard and the long hair, and the godly code he is making right now.

      but no i didnt ask that, must have been enesce xD

      keep writing michal, imma donate 20 bucks if u finish it before the summer ends :)

    10. guyguy001

      I really wish I never found out this game’s development. I just want to play it! Soldat is a one-of-a-kind game, you can look all over the net and will not find a PC game like this avalible for North American players. I can see this game being huge!

    11. niko šveikovsky

      @TLD: It’s going to be much longer than that.

      @Michal: going to the derelict factory in two weeks. It will be a little while before I can develop the film, make prints, and scan them in, but I’ll keep you posted.

    12. _'̈́_lol_'̈́_

      Michal, can you post niko’s pictures in a new blog entry? (only if niko accepts of course)

    13. im pretty sure it will take longer xD but il donate 20 bucks anyways 😛 i would pay for this game for sure.

    14. A somewhat off topic question. In my slow quest to be a programmer, I still like to study up on how things within a game engine/ program work. Is putting together netcode difficult? I thought by now, that, just like a lot of mathematical algorithms, implementation of common functions, etc, that there would be complete and efficient pieces of netcode out there, that you could either drop right into the engine or translate to the language you are using. However, to me it seems like the wheel has to be re-invented per game, when it comes to implementing networking. Is that how it is? Like I said, my knowledge is still minimal on the subject.

      Also, niko, I too love old abandoned industrial buildings. Please post the pics, or even a link to an online photo album. I personally love the old coal mines and buildings circa 1920’s. We have this architecture all over southern Alberta, Canada (where I live). Even the old trestle bridges are an amazing sight to see. I’d be happy to trade pictures. Later this fall, I’ll be travelling around South again and taking some pictures. I’m not a professional photographer mind you, but I know what looks nice.

      Lastly, speaking of old buildings, both you and MM should check out this livejournal blog: It’s quite popular and has some amazing pics of abandoned houses, castles, factories, and hospitals (including insane asylums – that have lobotomy equipment).

    15. Snow: Network task is the most difficult thing to do PROPERLY, maybe next to AI, from a programming perspective.
      I thought i dont have to reinvent the wheel thats why I initially used Raknet which has everything needed to make a games netcode in 15 minutes. But it is not done properly as I want it to. The netcode must be super fast and efficient. I had to write it on my own from scratch.

    16. That is true MM , internet is a big time sink.
      But get your stuff together and finish the game.

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