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  • Written by . Posted at 6:15 pm on July 9th, 2009

    An epic task has been complete. The core of the netcode is done. I haven’t tested it yet over internet but from initial tests it’s promising

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    1. Sucks that you had to write it from scratch and that Raknet didn’t work. However, congrats on completing the task. (Thanks for answering my question from the last post) Getting more and more excited about this game.

    2. Shoozza

      I hope you are sending stuff in network byte order.

    3. Underline

      Hey ho! lets go!

    4. SpiltCoffee

      If you want to test it over the internet, there’s a lot of willing participants, I think.

    5. Word.

    6. splitcoffee, u stole my words : D and im happy u did >: D

    7. diego lemos

      You are working at godspeed.

    8. guyguy001

      I predict that this game will be released in 3 months. This is just a guess, there is no explanation why.

    9. Underline

      3 years for the full release. if we are luck.

    10. hell no underline, i doubt it, i think it will be arround 3 months till a fully functional releasable engine is released, and after that, about 2 or 3 more months for sigvatr to finish the graphics. I dont know who is doing the sounds though ?
      And the music ? is that michal’s part aswell ? ( loved his soldat music :) )

      responses please michal πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ The moment is near, the moment which ive been waiting for for longer then 2(? ) years πŸ˜›

      Michal , yet again, good luck :)

    11. wow pull your head out of his ass, we know you love him. They got someone for the sound effects.

    12. im keeping my head tight in xD

    13. niko Ε‘veikovsky

      it will probably be a year or two until a stable version of the engine, and most of the game objects are done (character programming, switches, crates, triggers, et cetera). not sure about the maps though, sigvatr hasn’t told us how long it takes for a good map build to be realized into the link-dead format.

    14. Underline

      Well, MM is by now coding the engine.. that means that the game itself isnt even started..
      But im almost sure that MM will tease us with some pictures of the actual engine with the graphics made by Sigvatr.

      Niko: Well, now that MM coded randon map generator alghorithms the maping process should be faster.

      BTW MM is doing his best (i think), he will earm money with the game, he is not playing to be a game maker.

    15. MM , forget this blog , shut it down , please just eat & code & do physical exercise to stay in shape.
      That’s how things get done , through struggle.
      The struggle MM.
      You don’t sit on a fucking blog writing about epic shit , you should struggle , the more … THE BETTER.
      Imagine that the people who write comments here have absolutely no idea what’s going on and what code you’re writing , you are talking to muppets MM.
      If you want to evolve and understand things better talk to some people who know a damn thing about what you’re talking … who have written games , not stupid muppets.
      Internet is a conglomerate of business people , gamers and few developers( devs that want to do stuff cut their fucking ethernet cord and start coding).
      You can mirror all the resources you need with wget -r or whatever teleport pro etc and work offline.
      Using the internet is only useful if you’re doing web programming which you are not, you’re a game programmer.

    16. Deviant

      I like how it takes him a few days to do amazing things.

      I secretly think MM is Chuck norris >_>

    17. i kinda think MM is moar awesome then chuck norris ( im gonna get roundhouse kicked for that )

    18. Underline

      DOnt say that or the MMs ego will explode!
      Lol πŸ˜›


    19. Let’s see what happens.,Xaviera

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