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  • Written by . Posted at 11:40 am on July 21st, 2009

    My new physics code is fantastic. It’s a lot faster; no framerate drop. Check for yourself:

    physics stress

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    1. Wohaa awesome.

    2. /piss

    3. Awesome gun is awesome.

    4. FinDude

      That gun is what you get in online multiplayer by registering link-dead.

    5. What’s that white shit on the wall? Some sort of particle test?

    6. danyukhin

      OMFG? Indeed.

    7. ZeroG001

      OH snaps

    8. u should make the particles act like the bulletimpact in call of duty 4, ull get some smokey action , and alot of cool firefights

    9. w8 a minute! im seeing a gun there! and shells!!!!! i see, progress 😐

    10. Underline

      LoL! take a look!! the guy is vomiting!

    11. +1). Nice work.

    12. Nice. MM finally got to past the “get the guy runnin’ and shootin'” stage. Shells falling out of his head, lol.

    13. we want graphics! we want graphics! we want graphics!

    14. ZeroG001

      What im seeing here is good enough to be soldat 2 (for me). Keep the same physics but make the ragdolls a little more detailed.

    15. I want CoD4 in 2D with 1500% more gore than any game ever has had.

    16. Chiptune

      This game still gonna have some cyberpunkish feeling? I really hope so.

      People don’t cease comparing it to soldat or COD, I don’t realyy see it like that and would dig some originality and a badass sci-fi world.

      Sorry for my bad English πŸ˜›

    17. ZeroG001

      I made a CoD4 mod for soldat. There is something wrong with the rapid share file so im going to re-download it and send the link in a few min.

    18. ZeroG001

      I would like to add that this mod does not have the original gun sounds from the game. It only has the voices and some sound effects. I would also like to add that this mod is pretty ghetto, every GFX i used was from other mods, so basically I slapped some stuff together with some COD4 sounds. Just try it. Let me know what you think.

    19. this is no soldat modding community…

      please stick to either cheering michal or post some of your own ideas, that HAVE NOT been posted yet πŸ˜›

    20. ( soz for double pressed to fast lol)

      But i doubt michal would listen xD

    21. that’s a fuckin lot of fuckin bullets

      will this fuckin game have fuckin dynamic fuckin physics on fuckin objects?

      if fuckin so then this fuckin game will be like 2-fuckin-D half-fuckin-life 2
      fuck on!

    22. They Live

      well … fuck it.

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