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  • Written by . Posted at 2:59 am on July 25th, 2009

    After a recent talk with a fellow coder Matt I understand fully how Carmack’s net code works. The problem is I know I can make it better.

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    1. You mean better at losing data, desychronizing clients, hogging memory and crashing?

      I believe you can!

    2. Yes that’s the fun of multiplayer games isn’t it!?

    3. Underline

      Do the simple, after the simple is working, improve it.

    4. Of course you can. Carmack, thogugh ID’s co-owner has some real deadlines and you don’t.

    5. Remember Michale in design or video game making “Less is more” this means the more simple the code can be, the more it will work for a long time.

    6. mm just make sure it support over 1000+ players per game lol, atleast u got enough players to make the 15 x 15 screen maps fun

    7. whitdemon

      that would mean real WAR! bring it in!

    8. I don’t think ID worked on deadlines in those times. They had time to think.

    9. danyukhin

      Yup. Agree with the guys, there must be WARS, and not just battles. Like, planned, cooperated, long-lasting, where every loss is important, and at least 150 players on one serv. I know I’m asking too much, but hey man, it’s my birthday, no less=)

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