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  • Written by . Posted at 7:37 am on July 26th, 2009

    Something I did a while ago to make quick maps. Generating maps based on ‘room’ tiles in the Mappy editor:


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    1. Sorry, it will be an OT comment.. nonetheless I’d like to ask you to make an alternative installer (without the open candy mentioned here – ) – I’m a w2k user suffering from the unability to install soldat.. Apparently the changes you seem to have done do not fix this problem.. :( please, pretty please? ^^”

    2. Underline

      sniperline ­čśÇ

    3. its a bullet *facepalm*

    4. MM, cant stop noticing, only 31 fps ?!?!?!?! explain please :'(

    5. he only got 4 gb ram what do you expect?

    6. ZeroG001

      I only have 2 gigs of ram. I would get a better system but I don’t have the funds to do so. I wonder what kind of graphics requirements this game will need. All I have is intergrated graphics.

    7. hieronumos

      Instead of stair you should try elevators. I think climbing those stair over and over again would become anoying very fast.

    8. @TLD: It’s probably set to run at a fixed 32fps atm

    9. 30 fps is fixed, its not slow.

      hieronumos: yes, I’m planning elevators.

    10. Remove ladders, unless you got a really good ladder climbing animation.

    11. Wow, that’s great. Simple yet versatile.

    12. niko šveikovsky

      Michal, I’m sorry if I’ve already asked you this before, but please tell me that there will be a relatively intuitive way to create interactive objects with complete control over scripting and gfx. Things that can be placed in the level via “mappy” or spawned during gameplay, and would be netcode-friendly. Stuff like crates that have box2d physics and take a considerable bit of damage to break open, elevators, doors, automated gun turrets, switches that activate events, breakable light fixtures with physics, et cetera.

      Bringing about this system would bring about fantastic modding capabilities, along with making custom gamemodes like co-op possible. The modders would flip.

    13. niko šveikovsky: yes that will be possible. The object engine is written in a way to allow super easy adding new objects. I havent yet decided though if its gonna be open via scripting or an SDK.

    14. niko šveikovsky

      Ah, wonderful news.

    15. Ville Laitala

      Great michael i allways got problem making some ladder / stairs in soldat now you made it easy to map makers thank you men , you are in one stair below god man..
      and if there is unlimited amount of polygons and scenery like you said in facebook im sure i will buy this came..

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