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  • Written by . Posted at 6:10 am on August 12th, 2009

    Abrash: the best compiler is “between your ears”

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    1. SpiltCoffee

      Indeed. Our brains are still more advanced than any computer currently… 😀

    2. xyz_yafray_banana_ping_pong_2009_lolz_aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      My brain is capable of running Crysis with maximum graphics quality.

    3. im voting that banana shortens his name…. now a computer would never be able to think of that lol

    4. We have the same number of neurons or brain cells I guess as grains of salt in 50 train cars filled to the brim. I saw that on TV. Cool stuff. Now if only I could harness the power of all those cells for the purpose of evil telekinesis… sigh.

    5. banana: Mine too, but I need to overclock it with LSD first.

    6. Underline

      “”banana: Mine too, but I need to overclock it with LSD first.””


    7. Overclocking with LSD may cause a lot of artifacts and colour bugs

    8. I sometimes experience framerate loss after cleaning my drive with alcohol.

    9. back it up with some “reproducing methods”

      yes that means sex….

    10. I just emptied my recycle bin, there was a ton of brown files in there.

    11. lol

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