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  • Written by . Posted at 7:05 am on August 19th, 2009

    Adding Another World sounds for the test release.

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    1. SpiltCoffee

      So it’s almost done?


    2. You’re my hero!

    3. where to apply for beta testing ? =D

    4. Clive Jericho

      I think in this case, release is another word for open beta.
      at least i hope so =D

    5. Let us all test it, we want to play!

    6. ~Cremator}

      |^_^| seriously, happy..

    7. Will the test-release only contain the Another-World graphics? Is the level editor coming out as well?

    8. CANT WAIT! =D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Anonymous

      hell yeah!
      who is the music composer?

    10. Very nice; is this just placeholder stuff, or do you plan on actually following the look of Another World?

      More importantly, do you plan on the controls being anything like AW? It had a very clunky feel to it.

    11. …!!!!1 CANT WAIT DUDE

    12. A W E S O M E !!! CANT WAIT!!!!! thats no caps…

    13. FUCK YEAH!

    14. We need to let more people know aboout this game…

    15. Underline

      Its near!!! near!
      finally! 😀

    16. really a test release this early?
      I thought you would need at least more then half a year…man, your only one coder – how in hell can you do this fast?

    17. Hes MM.

    18. Underline, how long have you been fallowing this dev blog??!?

    19. namuol: no just graphics and sounds and weapons. The movement will be Link-Dead.

    20. I have high expectations, please don’t disappoint me :)

      I am talking about your “no fillers” promise!

    21. Underline

      ZeroGOO1: Since the beggining… yeah,, a long time ago.

    22. in a galaxy far far away….


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