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  • Written by . Posted at 9:09 am on August 21st, 2009

    My life-long dream is to code perfect platform game AI bots. I had a good attempt with Zorth’s in my game R but I want to push it to the limit in Link-Dead. I’m thinking whether to add bots for the test release or not,

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    1. If you got some half-way-working bots, add them, you weill maybe get some comments on how they could be improved then.

      Can’t wait for trying out that shit :)

    2. Undisclosed

      As m1nus said, maybe you should put the bots in if they are kinda working.
      It would give us target dummies.
      I’m really looking forward to the release, keep up the good work.

    3. You better put bots in there you fuckin cunt fuckin ass tick. What the fuck am i gonna fuckin kill in this test fuckin release you fuckin bitch.
      i’d still fuck you in the ass without bots

    4. by the fuckin way you bitch,
      this fuckin test release better not be like those cunt licking other lame fuckin gay pieces of shat ‘Test Boxes’. i threw up a clit ripping rhino when i played them you fuckin cunt
      showed nothing but a gawd damn moving picture that threw weak ass bawls and a fuckin sex ragdoll that you could treat like a fuckin prostitute that bit your fuckin twat
      this better be fuckin good or im gonna have to fuckin lick your dog
      you bitch

    5. Underline

      Yeah, put bots only if you wanna receive feedback about it.


    6. uhmmm… those comments?

      Bots, no need I feel, focus on the engine primarily then consider the bots a finishing job.

    7. Target dummies for sure. As in terms of other limited AI (since a good point was brought up: those who play the test version can suggest improvements or ideas), simple automated turrets would be awesome. Easy to do AI wise, they simply see you and shoot. That would help us gauge how well we can maneuver through the levels and I think would also give some preliminary idea of the end goal playing style. Link-Dead is more of a slower game than Soldat and so you’re probably using a lot of stealth. So if we have certain AI elements – such as auto-turrets, we can see how close we can get to them. The turrets could have certain limitations such as (for example): type 1 only shoots at anything moving above ‘x’ speed (if you sneak by slowly, you can survive), type 2 can’t see in the dark, only anything entering the light, type 3 only shoots at something it hears.. so, perhaps the only way to pass it if you can’t destroy it is by distracting it… throw something in the distance, etc.

    8. Snow, I think I like the way you’re thinking!

    9. When i first time palyed soldat, i trained my skills on the bot=>I would like to see some bots in test version

    10. you don’t have to add the bots now. just have some target dummies for now. I wanna try this stuff out.

    11. Tenshi
      August 21st, 2009

      Snow, I think I like the way you’re thinking!

      I agree.

      Snow, do you have experience in game design? (looks like you know what are talking about from what you write here nd on the openSoldat forum)

    12. you guys just dont want bots because you think the test release wil be out earlier, you bloody cunts xDD

      i vote some advanced bots, so that even if there unlikely is a low ammount of players, we can still do a player vs bots match, which hopefully will also be alot of fun : )

    13. damn i hate my bad english….

    14. I’m only recently getting in to game design. Since 2005, I started getting more and more serious about actually designing games. I’ve been playing games since I was 4, which was in 1982. So for 27 years I’ve been a video game freak and have seen everything.. well except for Infantry Online (until today… can’t believe I missed that one)

      At the moment, I’m studying programming and the techical aspects of game design. I do have the knowledge of a general game engine structure and its limitations.

      As in terms of design principles, methods, concepts, balance, etc.. basically any element which is critical in design of a successful game, I’d love to say I shine, but I haven’t gotten to the point of applying my own theories and knowledge yet.

      Sadly, I no longer have a personal site or a blog anymore (something I’m seriously going to rectify soon). I used to write about types of games and why they were or were not successful. Not reviews however. I can’t do that, I get too analytical and pull things apart.

      I would like to one day write a serious paper or two about differnt types of game design and how what type has it’s own specific demographic. For example, the iphone is a platform that has different type of gamers and users. More than half of iphone owners aren’t average gamers, but will still buy games to play. So what kind do they play? Why? Is it to just pass 10 minutes while sitting on a bus? Does anyone care about score? Yadda yadda.

      Anyway, glad you like what I posted. :)

      @TLD, if you’re Frisian, you’ll learn proper english quick.

    15. i have tons of ideas for gameplay, but, i find it kinda unmanned to just hand them over, or push them to a programmer. I would love to learn how to program myself, but i do not have the patience for it , i want to see direct results ( which i get out of my guitar : ) )

      But Snow, ur definitly going to create an awesome game, just like Michal is doing right now.

      i respect both of u. My eternal respect, TLD ^^

    16. Wait, what are Zorth’s again? These “Balls” following you?

    17. unmanned = unmannered

    18. bots or no bots, the game is still going to be awesome.

    19. Thank you very much TLD, but I still have yet to make something. This kind of stuff takes hard work and I have to push myself hard.

      If you have ideas for gameplay – don’t let them go to waste. Not every successful game designer can program. I know some designers who despise programming. Others that know how to program also despise it – because they feel having to write code is redundant and archaic, when there are powerful tools that can do the tedious programming for them and they can focus more on the design and on creating assets.

      Think of something like Cletus Clay. I don’t know what the game is built on, or if the engine is coded from scratch, but the designer wanted a certain look and is building every single piece of artwork with his bare hands. So say, that’s what you do. You make something that involves a lot of design work, but leaves you little time to program an engine from scratch. It’s perfectly ok to use a pre-built engine. Game Maker is an obvious example. But even powerhouse engines like Unity3d are built with pure design in mind. Unity has so many awesome features. For instance, if you make a game for the iphone (you’ll need a mac), you can test the game remotely within Unity and the iphone at the same time and even change variables such as camera angle, speed, etc in real time while the game is running. They actually have a demo video on the site showing that.

      As for me, I’ll be using Unity down the road as well. I’m learning to program, so that I understand every aspect of my creation. It also makes things useful, such as if I wanted to use Flixel to make pixel or raster flash games, I’ll be able to understand how Flex works and how to make a complete build. If you use an existing engine such as Unity and your game requires scripting – knowing how to program definitely helps but is not required.

    20. mmm michal, can we get a preview soon on the different kinds of mecha’s and vehicles that will be available in link dead??

      i sooo hope some kind of LandMate like in Appleseed will be in there : )

    21. I can’t stand the restrictions of pre-built game engines and 3rd party tools. I have to write everything myself. That’s why I have trained myself to do every single aspect of game making. I don’t consider myself a coder. I just learned to code because that is necessary to make the game of my dreams.

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