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  • Written by . Posted at 4:39 pm on August 22nd, 2009

    From now on I won’t be posting LD news to my Facebook profile but only on the Link-Dead page. Be sure to sign now and BECOME A FAN. All news, photos (all concept graphics and dev pics) and infos are gathered there check it out.

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    1. finish the test beta!! the waiting is killing meeee : |

    2. wait…wtf!
      i need to sign up on some social-shitty-stuff to read updates about LD?
      DONT, MM !!

    3. I really hope the test release come out within the next 5 days. Or before school starts again…

    4. SpiltCoffee

      illu: I think he’s just advertising to anyone following LD updates on MM’s profile page on Facebook to start following the updates on the fan page setup for LD on Facebook.

      Other things, like this blog and Twitter, will still be updated all the same (I believe he uses one program to send messages to all services he’s signed up to).


      Michal , Link-dead is similar to this in some ways..
      I’ve been ~14 hours without internet access .. it was cruel ..
      I started making lists of stuff I’d do when I’d be online lol

    6. illu: what SpiltCoffee wrote.

      DARK_AVENGER: yeah very much similar. But of course better. Procedural animations instead of hand drawn, real physics and all the other stuff.

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