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  • Written by . Posted at 2:42 pm on August 27th, 2009

    Since the game test release I’ve been fixing the crash bugs ppl had. Most of them are fixed now and I’m seeing first positive reviews!

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    1. I haven’t been able to test online network play yet, but I tested offline yesterday, and besides some crashing bugs, I love how smooth it plays. On the weekend, I hope to put a couple of hours of online testing in.

      Anyway, nice work. Your beers are currently being brewed as we speak in the mountains from different purely Canadian grown golden barley’s. Keep going.

    2. Have tested it with someone from Russia, I am from The Netherlands.
      Got one crash after 20 minutes of fooling around.
      Only complaint was that he noticed some lag on his hide, since I was the server that could happen.

      Great work on the net code.

    3. Underline

      played only with bots yet..
      i have a lot of bored stuff to do.. =/

    4. Looks like your Hamachi network is full

      I’m glad to report that I have had no problems yet, using Vista SP1 on an Acer Laptop (nVidia Geforce Go 7300 128mb) 😀

      if I encounter more problems on my other computers i’ll leave another comment.

      And is there any way to use the shield? :3

    5. @HT|: hold the left mouse button.

    6. 7 angels with 7 plagues

      Been testing it for few days. Works as a charm. 2-3 bots, no problem, No crashes, No video bugs. I will try the Hamachi thingy tomorrow.

      Man. This engine has some good potentials already, the climbing, Run\walk(\Sprint maybe later?) Almost like Tomb Raider: A good dynamic movement system and things to kill, anything above is a blessing 😀 I got a feeling that Link-dead’s gonna be huge! Big ups MM! Peace!

    7. Im already starting to modify the maps, characters and sounds. GREAT GAME! ZOMG cant wait until the full release of the game. Now that you guys have most of the movement engine and netcode complete, do you hae only the maps and graphics to work on?

    8. niko šveikovsky

      ZeroG001: sigvatr is responsible for the graphics, which I hope he has a good start on.

      michal, after playing this demo i realize that the terrain of the surface world will appear quite blocky and awkward to maneuver on. is it possible that soldat’s polygon-map system could be partially resurrected as an additional bit of the link-dead map format?

    9. If you time it well you can climb up walls

    10. SpiltCoffee

      “I somehow found a glitch in the player movement. If you go to the bottom right corner of the map, and hold space while pressing down, your dude will attempt to glitch through the ground.”

      Taken from my comment in the previous post, just in case MM didn’t look in it anymore.

    11. MM I have an idea for the game animation! As the cursor moves away from the character the character’s arms move up as if he is looking down the sights. When the cursor is close to the character’s body he will lower his arms as if he is hip-fireing. To acheive this maybe it will take some tinkering with the arm motion.

    12. Same bug as SplitCoffee, if your standing an the bottom of the stairs at the bottom of the level and hold down and space, he will climb through the ground and fall out of the level.

    13. @ZeroG, sounds like a good idea to me.

    14. @ZeroG yeah man, ideea is good, but everybody keeps the mouse pretty much away all of the time to see most of the map in front of him.

    15. then you also should add some kind off fog, that gives aiming down the sight a slight disadvantage and an advantage

      fog of war, anyone?

    16. How to modify map?

    17. Ohh..sure ^_^ sorry for stupid question..


      Will Link-Dead still have those awesome graphics?


    20. ZeroG001: not a bad idea, actually I like it very much.

    21. I hope in Link-dead gostek will run AT LEAST 2x faster.

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