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  • Written by . Posted at 3:33 am on August 31st, 2009

    Fun fact: What looks like a skateboard ramp is actually the character animator environment rig used to make animations –

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    1. Cremator?

      WTF?! MM give us some nice screenshots of gameplay on this week?

    2. I really admire your character builder,the movement is really fluid. Would be nice to see an article on this.
      Also could you clear up something for me? The performance in test release – was it locked to 30 fps or it’s just totally out of control?

    3. m_man: use ur eyes and ur brain…

      “The framerate won’t go above 30 fps, it is fixed, not slow. If it drops below 30 then tell me and mention what hardware you have.”

    4. how about getting sigvatr giving you some graphics??? now there will be 2 kinds of people very happy if that happens…

      first of all you, and second us.

    5. I prefer vectors!!!


      keep it going MM , it seems you’re starting to get with the program

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