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  • Written by . Posted at 4:34 pm on October 28th, 2009

    Very good Soldat trailer

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    1. Anonymous

      Soldat is best. I wish you luck for making it better with your current project…

    2. I’d call that very bad trailer actually. Is there a _single_ second which shows completely unedited video material from the game? That trailer gives nothing but a overly skewed impression of the game, in a bad way.

    3. @Clawbug
      The less unedited video material the better a trailer is 😛

      But yeah it’s a jumbled up mess I don’t think it really draws in people or at least not me.

    4. diego lemos

      pile of shit

    5. The trailer has a good way of presentation as in terms of showing the list of weapons and game modes, but as curious said, it is a jumbled up mess to the nth degree. If that was the first time I saw Soldat gameplay – I wouldn’t know wtf was going on. Other than law, chainsaw and m79 (which had lag) you couldn’t tell what weapons did what from the first time seeing the trailer. There was too much going on to clearly see anything.

      If this trailer was done in such a way that it showed use of weapons and the game modes clearly and each for an appropriate length of time – then I think it would be a pretty good trailer. Almost each gameplay shot in the trailer was chaotic – and even though that is how Soldat is or can be at times, clear and less cluttered gameplay shots work better. A shot of absolute chaos could be shown at the end of the trailer to show just how frantic the game can get.

      None the less, the trailer was still a good effort by its creator.

    6. Anonymous

      “The less unedited video material the better a trailer is :P”

      That’s what Clawbug just basically said…

    7. You write so hoentsly about this. Thanks for sharing!

    8. I’m sure Jessica will take wonderful care of your outside babies. And yes, I agree, large soaker hoses are PITA. Have a great time at the Chelsea show, and don’t forget your camera!

    9. Someone tell those damn muppets to leave those faceless old oil barons alone. They’ve never hurt anyone or anything…except the environment, wildlife, humans in foreign countries over pointless wars and people in the Western world by creating an over reliance on the product that they have almost complete control over…

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