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  • Written by . Posted at 6:43 am on November 24th, 2009

    Auto-updating is working good. I am moving towards more enjoyable beta tests where I’ll be getting feedback and fixing stuff immediately.

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    1. Any release date estimate for us? Also, will the beta have the graphics we all long for?

    2. I already stated that by the end of the year. More beta details soon.

    3. awesome.

    4. *does beta-dance*

    5. Giv meh weapuuuunzzzzz arrgh

    6. By the end of the year is like a pronumeral without a value. I meant a more precise 12 december for example.

    7. I bet he will finish it at 8:43

    8. Gameplay please! give us some more element then just ” make him run and shoot first “. would like too see some turrets or powerups or shields, or whatever, just add some gameplay pleaaaase

    9. i bet he cant finish the game by the end of the year

    10. but im still a mm`s fan 😀

    11. I’ll say it again — a side-scrolling RTS will only work if the vertical element is very heavily emphasized. Otherwise it’s literally one-dimensional. Jetpacks or bust.

    12. F3nyx: yeah I’m aware of that.

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