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  • Written by . Posted at 6:22 pm on November 30th, 2009


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    1. Wow! Really nice wall effects!

    2. I just hope this isn’t turning out to be too much for the eye… don’t get me wrong, it looks nice, but it looks like a lot of stuff wanting to be important in that picture…

      Perhaps with another player-model it will look okay again, but now it just looks like the graphics are more important in the game than the soldier and probably the game-experience overall.

    3. EDIT: oh, but yeah, great bump map!! (P.S. I also wish there were an EDIT button here)

    4. Good job on the normals, they have been used well. Only what is that glitchy shit at the feet of your gostek?

    5. looks ok! maybe a bit more depth and a bit better specular and it’s as it should be. congrats

      PS:character is still looking shit just look at it mm..soldat has better ones

    6. looks like shit and nice at the same time

    7. Makron666

      It needs a more bumpy, though lighter specular. because at the light source, it while. Spec’, just like normals need to reflect on their diffuse, which in this case is really rough, so the specular map needs to be dead and rough, not smooth and bright.

    8. Аноним

      Гавно же.

    9. There is no specular here. I won’t use specular on this map cause it will be a dry, dust covered map.

    10. no i to wygląda już zajebiście.

    11. It looks like a rotting, maggot-infested bloated corpse, with it’s swollen dark-purple tongue sticking out of the darkness of mouth, jerking very so slightly, where the slow, slithery movement of maggots can be seen inside.

      So it pretty much looks pretty fucking disgousting.

    12. lol
      (stupid wordpress)

    13. lulz, nice. I like the unique art style.

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