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  • Written by . Posted at 7:50 am on December 15th, 2009

    Made a mindmap to visualize what I have to do for the Link-Dead release. This shows just a part of the enormous amount of work I’m putting into this game. I cut a lot of features from the alpha release which is scheduled on 31.12.2009 cause there is no chance of finishing them and moved it to a further beta release.


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    1. …Then I suggest you get crackin’ 😛

      I’m surprised you find the time to do shit like this lol.

    2. good luck with it, a pity that the alpha release will be pretty shitty DM and not even close to what LD is supposed to be.
      Talkin about particle engine:

    3. Man i’m following you for some time and waiting for a demo for link-dead.
      Will you release a single-player game, not only multiplayer?

    4. Cant wait. Do you mind in accepting Soldat’s register for Link-Dead? ;p

    5. BIOHAZARD: heh, there might be a discount.

    6. Your respect for good animation as a cornerstone of any truly realistic (or ‘immersive’) experience pleases me.

    7. You forgot to account in any new bug’s that may come up. remember: most problems are side effects to solutions of other problems. A bug is a problem. So this is our late x-mas present. Sounds good.

    8. Mman’s particle effect is really cool. I’d love to see such detailed explosions in LD, but I assume they’re also very resource-consuming. Is it a possible aspect for the future though? (Especially for players with better PCs.)

    9. What about beta testers?


    10. Is it going to be priced from the very start? And how much? And will there be situations where we have to buy it again(like 2.xx – 3.xx)?
      P.S. I wish you luck, as always.

    11. mman’s particle effects are resource consuming. My dust processor will produce much more realistic effects for smoke.

      danyukhin: haven’t decided yet. I’m not going to charge though until it is a decent experience. I know some developers charge for alpha versions but they probably really need money. Register Soldat if you want to help me out now.

    12. Hey MM, found something that may be useful –
      Godspeed, soldier!

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