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  • Written by . Posted at 12:15 pm on December 15th, 2009

    Fun fact: walking up on a slope backwards is ridiculously hard.

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    1. I can not wait! Link dead will be completed this month? When?

    2. Vectorious

      Sinpol: MM said that the alpha is planned for release on 12/31/09.

      MM: Did you find this out because of the rotoscoping?

    3. @Vectorious

      Based on what we’ve seen so far he probably did it himself and found it a not too comfortable way to travel.

    4. Have you broken something, MM?

    5. Try running next time. BTW Why is this under dev log, shouldn’t it be under manliness?

    6. @Makron666

      Because he did this for the development of the game so he could implement the animation better/more realistically and it could even affect gameplay.

    7. Yes I’ve actually tried it and have video footage :). I might release it when I have some free time.

    8. Hmm, i have an question. Will the character’s legs try to align with terrain ? Look like they do in Gta IV, legs try to be on terrain, on slope 1 leg bends realisticly and stuff… 😀 will you try to do this on Link-Dead ? because standing on a slope will look retarded without it. ( 1 leg floating, 1 leg inside terrain)

    9. he had foot placement correction earlier but it was working pretty shitty and now with his own shitty physics we don’t know;p

    10. I was guessing that, but there is no hurt in asking.
      @mman: foot placement doesn’t need to be done with physics, just inverse kinematics or simple rotations based off terrain angle.

    11. Will the character’s legs try to align with terrain ?
      Yes they will. Although it is not endorphin and I’m not going to the level of gta iv. It looked bad in previous versions cause the animations were shitty.

    12. u still need foot – ground collision, also ik is a way of simulating of physics mr pasta

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