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  • Written by . Posted at 4:59 pm on December 18th, 2009


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    1. Thursday was a little slack


    2. tick-tock tick-tock time’s running.
      Seems like making a Link-Dead Dead-Line speeded things a bit. Why there wasn’t any of those for releasing new Soldat versions?
      tick-tock tick-tock

    3. “artifact collecting gamemode” D:

    4. seems like you’ll have to work on weekends and holidays, including Christmas

    5. (is that edit option for the comments coming along?)

      What graphics will you use for the first release? Can we have a teaser glimpse at them? ;D

    6. 7 days ­čśÇ

    7. These mindmap kinda things are awesome. Keep them up, it’s an awesome way to track whats been done each week. And it does make the development feel faster. Also, please do take a break on xmas, its the worst time to work on anything.

    8. Vectorious

      I agree with Makron666 about the mindmap and working on Christmas. It looks like an alpha release isn’t too far away. Great work, MM.

    9. bad news girls, alpha will suck. i hope that it’s modable and the map editor is attached

    10. niko šveikovsky

      it’s a given that the alpha will suck, anonymous. michal’s generous enough to release what he’s got so far, though, and i’m happy with that.

    11. Yea, i think of it as a beta engine, opposed to an alpha game. And MM, are we getting any modding tools, and if so, which.

    12. you added “breath control” to “beta release” – what does this mean?

    13. It is hard to Stop Smoking at all but i tried so hard to quit smoking because of the fear of lung cancer .

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