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  • Written by . Posted at 8:18 am on December 21st, 2009

    Had a sudden urge to add gameplay stuff. Added pistol clip reloading and sounds for steps and movements. Feels more like a game!

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    1. Sounds sweet.

    2. Yay!

    3. wow i’d pay 100 bucks for that shit

    4. niko šveikovsky

      michal, if synsynth is not doing the sounds for you anymore, i am volunteering for some sound design, namely ambient sounds.

      here is my recording equipment. i use propellerhead mastering software.

    5. Ambient sounds are easy. What I will need are realistic weapon and explosion sounds.

    6. if i wasn’t making my games id share my library with you. i’d advise you to download all the best soldat mods cuz they have awesome sounds,

    7. niko šveikovsky

      Unfortunately I don’t own a variety of weapons.

      I’ll still give you what I’ve got when the time comes.

    8. MM: I have a comprehensive library of realistic weapon sounds, although the emphasis is firmly on kinetic armaments. I’ve no particular use for them at present, so would be more than happy to share.

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