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  • Written by . Posted at 3:53 pm on December 21st, 2009

    Made a new particle engine today. It was designed to be super fast. There’s a lot of bullet shells now in the game.

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    1. wtf

    2. a lot of bullet shells sounds great. Will there still be boxes and other pysic objects you can use?

    3. tell something more, im into particle engines and i’d love to see more variety in effects u can make with it then in mine.

    4. What resolution will the game?
      in previous videos that showed the effects of smoke, took too long to dissipate. the truth is that it only looks bad the dust produced when walking, that take long to dissipate. The shooting and grenades give it does not matter much emotion to play with light effects and flashes =)

    5. niko šveikovsky

      isn’t this your third particle engine so far?

    6. The particle engine is not designed for being visually impressive. I have the dust processor for that. It is built for speed. I want to have 10000’s of flying objects in the game.

      isn’t this your third particle engine so far?
      Good counting :). I’ve gotten good at it, I can make a particle engine in 1 day.

    7. this wordpress thing is stupid

    8. well your dust wont make up for good sparks and other fancy stuff

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