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  • Written by . Posted at 4:06 pm on January 4th, 2010

    LD Build 1548:
    – smoothened run and walk
    – fixed getting stuck on cube after jump
    – fixed walking in air
    – option to disable crashrpt and autoupdate from cmdline
    – limited normal mapped lights to 4 (do the ATi HD 4x cards work now?)
    – key up can be used for climbing
    – actors not loaded if map not created
    – fixed climbing through wall in some parts of map

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    1. And how to dl it ? Is there any other way than autoupdate ? I can’t get the game running, so i can’t autoupdate it too. Maybe autoupdator as a single program is better solution ?

    2. Nope, nothing worked here. It made it even worse because my PC now generates bad graphics too… and there is still a bug with background image. Check it yourself. When you set some low resolution (300*200, why not?) background image is even smaller and multiplies somehow. It looks odd.

    3. Turned off Catalyst graphic options on my laptop and it worked… no serious graphic bugs but lights are like invisible. Was it planned?

    4. Underline

      MUCH better!

      i got a bug taht i cant reproduce anymore, but its related to the flashlight, i will try to reproduce it again and i will send a bug report about it!


    5. Vectorious

      The walk and run definitely look a lot smoother!

    6. hubis: it doesn’t even get to download any files? Something is seriously wrong on your system, does it send crash reports?

    7. ID: what are Catalyst graphic options?

    8. Alright, thanks for fixing the terrain textures. Worked perfectly.
      I managed to get through the entire course and I’m really impressed with everything you’ve put in so far.
      The lighting effects are awesome.

      I was trying out to see what’s up. My system is brand new = aruond 1 month (all drivers and updates done).

    10. Makron666

      Is there a way i can increase the number of normal mapped lights, because my 4850 has no graphical errors or bugs.

    11. I checked Crimson Glory and it works pretty fine. Mayby You will know what is wrong, becouse so far i don’t have any idea.

    12. I cant launch it. It updates for like 20 minutes then just error.

    13. Makron666

      The smoke effect don’t disperse nicely, they just seem to disapeer, rather than fade away.

    14. “Smoothvision HD: antyaliasing, anisotropy filtering, Catalyst A.I., adaptive antyaliasing, mipmap level.” Later I’ll post you a screenshot because I have no time right now.

    15. CrashRpt.dll is still statically loaded in LD.exe so th it still doesn’t work on windows 2000. ;/

    16. It’s better now.
      It crashes faster!

    17. The only difference I noticed is being unable to die of height fall.

    18. MM: If it isn’t too much trouble could you uplod some more screenshots of the inside and outside world of the map so we have something to compare to.

      In other news everything seems to be working fine now for me (GPU: GeForce Go 7300), bump mapping works (w00t) shadows work, flashlight isnt lighting up the wrong backdrop, lighting is more subtle (gunfire used to be very yellow and bright), and the background is now bright (used to be very dark for some reason). My FPS has only gotten worse with the shaders now working though (about 10 fps on GeForce Go 7300, note the laptop card :P)

    19. Is there a way i can increase the number of normal mapped lights
      There is no need for now, there are only 4 lights in this test anyway. I’ll increase it later.

      Psycho: try a clean install and then open it.

      CrashRpt.dll is still statically loaded in LD.exe
      I reported this problem to the CrashRpt team they will fix it. For now run the “ld-noupdatenocrsahrpt.bat” file.

      MM: If it isn’t too much trouble could you uplod some more screenshots of the inside and outside world of the map so we have something to compare to.
      OK, you can also look at other peoples games on the bug tracker

    20. Mhn… looks better.

      The light of the artifact appears/disappears depending on its position on the screen.

    21. So here it is . I left it in Polish because I know you understand it and I was too lazy to change it :) I can’t tell you which option causes those graphic bugs with lighting because I don’t have my laptop right now and bugs don’t pop-up on my pc. But I can tell you that there are also bugs in America’s Army 3 (based on Unreal 3 engine) when you turn on the antyaliasing. Maybe it’s something similar to L-D

    22. Shit! Sounds good. But not yet and got it to work, now is not that error, I let her send report. My card is an ATI Radeon 9200. I do not think that is so bad I run games like Half Life 2 without problems. Any ideas MM? =|

    23. OK, I’ve found it. This option causes some kind of conflict. When turned off or set to ‘normal level’ everything is fine. But just as I turn it on and set it to ‘advanced level’ L-D makes graphic bugs you saw on bug tracker. That’s the only info I can provide… hope it’s helpful

    24. And that’s where I can find in Windows jej. the route.

    25. ID: thanks a lot ID. I’ll advice people to turn it off.

    26. I tried it just 2 mins and everything run smooth on my side. I’ll leave my cpu spec at the end of message.

      The test look pretty cool atm but it won’t help you if I talk about good things, so here’s the bad things I think about LD test.

      1- Dunno why but, the environnement light is changing for no reason. You start the game, the environnement is kinda dark (which is ok to me) but sometimes, it become lighter for about 2-3 sec and get back to original light.

      2- Soldier is a pussy, he die falling for 2-3 meters, it is kinda annoying. :) Soldier should get a crouch stand for about 2 sec (hurt stand) for falling from that, not death.

      3- Is there any way on a concrete block to use a kind of crouch mode to grab the concrete block corner to get down to the lower level? I dunno how to explain that clearly, my english suck. :)

      4- The flash light is really cool but there’s something missing, walls don’t reflect light. It is like eating pizza without mushrooms, it do the job but there’s a flavor missing.

      Other than that, no problem at all at this moment, game run smooth and didn’t get any crash error in 25-30 mins testing.

      Have a nice day!

      Cpu spec:
      Athlon X2 4000+ 65nm
      Corsair memory 2gig (don’t remember exactly the mem specs)
      Dual MSI geforce 8600GTS OC edition in SLI
      MSI k9N diamond motherboard
      Soundcard is a m-audio fasttrack

      Running under WinXP Pro 32-bits SP3 at this moment, I’m still waiting for my Win7 Pro 64-bits since 3 weeks.

    27. Btw, I made a typo on top of my post, it is not 2 mins, it supposed to ber 25 mins. :)

    28. Hi again!

      I come back with other stuff.

      1- About the environnement light, I found than the light change happen when you move the cursor. You move the cursor, light come lighter, stop the cursor and light come back to dark gradually.

      2- The bullet trail only appear when your cursor is facing an object. If you target the sky with the pistol, you won’t see the bullet trail.

      I have an another thing to post but I dunno how to explain, I’ll post a screenshot later.

    29. Same comments as Guil.

    30. Forget what I said about soldier falling except the fact than a hurt stand should be cool. I started the game being connected to internet and did the update I thought it was already updated with the LD download. And forget about the screenshot I was about to post, bug gone.

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