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  • Written by . Posted at 12:20 pm on January 5th, 2010

    I decided to fix the rest of the test bugs later. Now I’m focusing on bringing ASAP a gameplay prototype. Meaning I’m working on bots again.

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    1. Hey mm, i wanted to ask why you dont use W to jump and S do crouch.
      Tipping W should be a jump and holding W should be walking up stairs. Tipping S should toggle crouch and holding S should be walking down stairs. I also think its much better when you climb, jump, walk up stairs with the same key and when you drop from plattform (holding S), crouch and walk down stairs with the same key. also space would be free for another important task (some game element…)

    2. that wont be in the gameplay planned for Link dead,

      michael have you been working on the gostek painter yet ?

    3. Luma: I’m trying to think why tipping is a bad approach…
      Can’t think of any ATM.
      You need to know that I plan to make aiming above an obstacle (like in Soldat but with a key, and W will be used for that).

      whats a gostek painter?

    4. Underline

      What about making a deathmath with net play first?

    5. Makron666

      A gostek painter will allow us to made custom gostek armours, without having to edit each hand and leg. Also.. when are you planming to give us the Map editor. And are you still using the tile system for texturing maps? Like sigvatr posted when you’s were still working together?

    6. You’re wasting your time sir.
      Too much good-daddies, no real friend or father, and you’re going nowhere with this, like before, sorry.

    7. Like makron said,

      a program which opens up all the gostek files, and makes you able to directly see the gostek, like an advanced version of the gostek viewer in soldat. Instead of only seeing it, you can also paint it, which should make it very easy to edit, instead of the old soldat method ( item by item by item, and just hoping you did it right…. )

    8. Makron666: I don’t have a gostek painter and don’t plan to at this point, but I would be more than happy if someone made it. It is nearly the same as in Soldat, but Gosteks will support layers.

    9. MM:
      space is free if you use my key suggestions. Use space for action that are only possible in a certain place. (using things like consoles, shooting over an obstacle and so on

    10. @Luma

      Space being a context sensitive button. Not too bad.
      MM being oldschool, though, I imagine this game to be more like games from the 90’s (Jumping with space, up key being context sensitive). Nothing bad in that. I like nostalgia. ^^

      You will be able to bind your own controls, though. Right, Michal? :3

    11. danyukhin

      Can gosteks have higher resolution than the default given one?

    12. Underline

      for me, its a waste of time to code the bots now. bots is the last thing you should do, or you will have to change code several times.

    13. @Underline
      We will play by directing bots.

    14. @curious
      not in the first game version if i remember right. he wanted to do dm first.
      I hope we will be able to bind our own keys with tipping and holding!

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