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  • Written by . Posted at 1:01 pm on January 6th, 2010

    Has anybody ever encountered a resource/article about an AI trying to predict a physics based jump?

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    1. niko šveikovsky

      i know that it’s quite simple to calculate a quadratic to find the proper arc to travel, but for factoring anything else in besides gravity and friction, i wouldn’t know.

    2. Isn’t that what inverse kinematics is?
      From Wikipedia:

      Kinematics = “identify forces on an point object and then apply kinematics to determine the motion of the object”

      Inverse Kinematics = “Inverse kinematics is applied to extended objects, but in this case the motion of one (or more) parts of the object are known, but the forces (perhaps) are not. Inverse kinematics allows you to determine the forces required to generate a certain motion.”

    3. you should check out how guys from Assassins Creed or Prince of Persia figured out their ai if they have any articles about that.

    4. Clive Jericho

      their own jump, or a player jumping?

    5. Makron666

      No IK is used for stuff like moving an are to a certain spot, or rotating a foot to make contact with a surface.

      Given the end point of the structure, what angles do the joints need to be in the achieve that end point.

    6. mman: scripted

      VanBur: Yes IK could be used for that. Given a few points of the trajectory it would pick the optimal path. I’ll think about it more.

    7. @MM

      I don’t know if you have seen this, but recently Valve added bots to Team Fortress 2 using the L4D bot system and they also released a huge document with technical details about the bot system in their blog.

      Maybe you find it useful.

      TT2 blog:
      Bots technical details:

    8. I remember reading this paper a while ago. It’s mostly crap but some of the ideas covering 2d pathfinding and jump prediction are worth reading for getting some ideas on ways to do it. Skip straight to the ‘3 techniques section’

      When I made the bot AI for a platformer a while back I got it to raycast roughly the path a jump would take to see where it would end up. It worked well enough for the simple level geometry and they were zombies so it didn’t matter if they acted stupid sometimes :p

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