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  • Written by . Posted at 4:46 am on January 7th, 2010

    First preview video of bots path-finding:

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    1. Congratulation! It looks perfect.

    2. wow, pretty damn good. Are you using any api or is it custom to your engine?

    3. Underline

      Wow! fast development!

    4. I used an A* algorithm available on the net. The rest is coded by me to suit the engine needs.

    5. danyukhin

      Well. He’s definitely smarter than me. Great job!

    6. wow, it looks like they do everything ideal and will be faster than real players.

    7. looks nice! actually the bots are better then human players ;f now it would be great if they knew how to use the terrain to their advantage etc.

    8. well its perfect
      good job mm

    9. niko šveikovsky

      michal, this looks great. just make sure there’s a bit of randomness mixed in, otherwise it will look weird if two or more bots are walking together.

      now have fun making bots strafe and dodge in combat while not falling off of stuff.

    10. Nice, now make them sentient.

    11. looks nice! actually the bots are better then human players ;
      Yes they actually know that jumping on stuff is faster and play in ways unpredictable by the map maker.

      now have fun making bots strafe and dodge in combat while not falling off of stuff.
      Heh, that’s a totally different thing. Will be hard but it’s managable.

      Nice, now make them sentient.
      Next week.

    12. make sure that they also sprint on longer distances and look on the edges,their targets and also aim on them(and around their sight) just like the player does.i know it only a test for now, but it looks a bit mechanical. Also as someone noted, it would look weird when a few bots walk the same path the same way. is there always the only right way?

      would be also cool to randomly assign a movement pattern to a bot. imagine a map with a mountain/building in the centre. it has tunnels below and corridors inside. 3 bots have to move from start to end. one is climbing and trying to get a good shooting position. second is just sprinting through it and the third one is sneaking through the tunnels.

    13. how about queued commands ? that, and inovating/fusing it with the menu system , you can order him to move, que the Dig In , que the Check Area/Cover Area ,
      and you have a MG gunner set up in a mountain, aiming for whatever fuckers are stupid enough to go at him : D

    14. Look much better than soldat bots. I hope you can do same thing for soldat too. :)

    15. Makron666

      Thats epic, does this mean you will finally get your shit right when it comes to bots? If so, you will own the smartest side scroller bots as well as best engine. Also, give the bots personalities, eg. Stealthy or Run and gun juggernaut.

    16. Yeah, if all these concepts turn out as well as I think they will, you should port them to soldat. I only worry about all the scripts and stuff that would be affected. Meh, most of the scripts aren’t very fun anyway.

    17. good job

    18. igf 2010 or 11 ?

      I think the best approach would be if MM ported L-D into Soldat and Soldat into L-D and then he could port Soldat and L-D together creating a MEGAGAME which would port every game into itself due to it’s huge gravitational field.

    19. Now that I think of it you are already late for 2010.

      igf 2011 ?

    20. Great stuff there! Now if only the graphics would be a bit more…polished…

      Makron666’s point on personalities is sweet.

    21. Wow. That’s pretty cool. It also looks like you could use several actions to get a bot to travel to a certain point. So besides, line of sight as an indicator, you have a localized sound – you fell and made impact noise, and an AI soldier, mech, robot, or automated gun comes to check it out.

      I agree with Makron’s point of personalities as well. You could have an AI that just won’t give up hunting you. You could have quite the suspense in games, when players are trying to sneak across a section of map, without some AI enemy or machine detecting them, and if they are detected, they have to out-maneuver and out-run a hail of bullets.

      Good work.

    22. Vectorious

      “igf 2011 ?”


    23. Makron666

      I have a few questions.. A) When i don’t move my cursor, the screen darkens. Anyone else get this? B)When i zoom in to close, horizontal bars appear, is this intended?

    24. I think if in this game will be comand-modes, team actions of bots are very important. As example covering, supressing fire and simply going along.

    25. I’m seeing an Assassins Creed mod…

      A mirrors edge mod…

      A splinter cell mod

    26. Wtf is it with the commercial at the bottom of this page?

    27. It looks fucking awesome! I’m looking forward to paying for your game. I’m running Linux, so maybe I won’t be able to get it. But if I am I’ll buy it!

      Could you please include titles in your RSS feeds? It could just be the first couple of words from the post body. At the moment it just says “(no title)”. It would make it easier to look up older posts of yours truly, and it would look better.

    28. Kent: don’t know how to do that, maybe a wordpress expert knows?

    29. This looks mighty impressive!! I’m actually radically changing my mind on how much I like this project now. Very well done.

      It certainly looks to become something bigger than Soldat. Still think you should team up with an artist again, but so far it doesn’t do any harm to take it easy in the art department. :)

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