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  • Written by . Posted at 5:23 am on February 8th, 2010

    Anyone have good tips on speeding up compile time in Visual 2008?

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    1. Ah, but that’s probably for .NET. I code in c++.

    2. Wait for Microsoft to publish VC++ compiler as DirectCompute Shader =)

    3. Piotr Nedzynski

      Put a good SSD into your PC.

    4. Dan MacDonald

      Try to reduce dependencies between your files, use pointers when possible.

      you can forward declare a class with this syntax.

      class Bullet;

      class Gun{
      Bullet *bullet1;

      then when you make changes and compile Gun you don’t have to compile and link the bullet class every time.

    5. Piotr: whats an SSD?
      Dan: yes that is very good and use it everywhere I can.

    6. SSD = Solid State Drive, a very fast and expensive alternative to a hard drive.

    7. Buy a better PC, n00b.

    8. MM:

      1. 64 bit OS
      2. lots of cheap ram, the more the better, you don’t need uber OCZ with fancy radiators, cheapo goodram shit will do fine.
      3. don’t buy SSDs, they suck for compilation. Instead go buy 2 high speed 10k RPM discs (or 2 fast 7200, like 7200.12), link them in a RAID 0
      4. get a quadcore CPU, i7 or so

      5. overclock it ’till you smell burning silocone and hear the insulation sizzling

      6. (optional) install a liquid cooling system and use virgin blood for cooling

      7. Make a 2gb ramdrive and make the compiler compile all the .obj’s to the ramdrive. Or use the ramdrive as a cache of any sorts. It will make compilation MASSIVELY fastah

      8. don’t install smiley central or any other spyware next time, n00b.

    9. Just don’t compile often. reduce #includes

    10. reduce amount of #include’s. Think before compile (don’t compile too often).

    11. Think before compile
      Awesome! :)

      make the compiler compile all the .obj’s to the ramdrive
      Interesting, how do I do that?

    12. I’m not really sure about that one – I didn’t touch the MS IDE in a long time. It should be somewhere in the settings/options.

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