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  • Written by . Posted at 10:52 am on February 9th, 2010

    Bots can now retreat when needed (like to reload) and engage the enemy from different points where there is line-of-fire.

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    1. Underline

      Now you have to do two things:
      – taking advantage of enemies weaknesses (enemies worse position, health, shooting obstructed when climbing)
      -sometimes he miscalculates if he is visible to the enemy

      Good luck =)

    2. awesome ,man
      good luck with ur game

    3. Make the bot predict if you’re going somewhere and shoots the way it thinks you’re going (aka if you are about to run through a door, it shoots the door entrance or if you’re about to drop into it’s line of sight via a second story, it shoots the air you’re about to fall into.

      But the reatreat sounds very good.

    4. Predictions would be nice. I can definitely do that although it will need a lot more computational power.

    5. It’s a small step for the player, but a big step for MM. Or vice

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