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  • Written by . Posted at 8:14 am on February 12th, 2010

    This is a config file for a Link-Dead weapon – Any suggestions are welcome.

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    1. The `global` keyword looks a bit redundant. It is really necessary?

    2. u should also make a link what particle effect it generates on shooting (not only the sprite), ammo type, ammo count on fire, recoil, reload time, reload animation, animated muzzle flash, slug type, shoot sound, reload sound

      or r u doing some of this stuff in other files? i think that everything concerning one thing should be in it’s class/config file.

      i do so in my flash game. i dont need characters so far but for my intruder game i’d also include data for ik hands: handle, stock, barrel end, slug dispenser, magazine position etc, so i can adapt 1 animation for 100’s of guns on the fly.

    3. just an adjustment, for a new weapon, but it needs more vars to make more specific weapons n stuff, add some comments/manuals to the file

    4. How about infos for a secondary-fire-mode (like grenade launches)?

    5. Those are useful suggestions I will implement them as I go.
      I was thinking of splitting the configs into separate files such as:
      weapon file
      bullet file
      particle file

      Weapon could then contain different bullets and bullets could create different particle effects on wall hit.

    6. well that’s the idea ­čśë

    7. niko šveikovsky

      crosshair image: specific to different scriptable crosshair types, some default, custom ones can be made. not just an image, can be animated, and also scripted to do things like lock on to players, and display different images in different situations (such as reloading). it is important that these crosshair types be flexible, so as things like drawing text next to the crosshair is not impossible.

      recoil: like in soldat.

      screen shake: creates earthquake effects. good for use on weapon-fire events and projectile-collision events. should not be used often otherwise it will be annoying. however, it’s an important one to include in the engine.

      damagetype: the ini can choose from different types of damage, similar to crosshair types. if a player is damaged by the weapon, different things will happen (player will catch on fire, player will bleed more than normal), and if the player is killed, the damagetype will reflect what will happen (ie. damagetype “explosive” will most likely rip the ragdoll into pieces, damagetype “sniper” will more likely dismember or behead the ragdoll).

      link-dead should have infinite ammo, but make sure the engine is capable of making use of ammo classes, for modding use.

    8. Why should it have infinite ammo?
      I’m not saying that it’s not going to work but I would prefer both finite ammo weapons and infinite ammo weapons at least for while the gameplay is shaped.

    9. in DM its redundant as long as there are no weapon spawn points, also in strategy mode if it ever comes the bots should have unlimited magazines, yet it would be nice to also micro manage their supplies by dropping care packages or securing ammo stashes. but this gamepleay feat needs a lot of balancing so it’s not keeping your from the actual goal.

    10. Good stuff nico, especially about the crosshairs.

    11. Script your weapons and assorted goodies using Lua?

    12. Not infinite ammo please, ammo boxes arround the map for used in Team style assault matches or Defend matches will be a great gameplay element

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