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  • Written by . Posted at 6:55 am on February 13th, 2010

    Today is one of those days when nothing works. Although I managed to do this
    in weapon scripts.

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    1. i always have those days. most of my coding/as3 learning time i spend on finding out why have i fucked up and then having fun with the FINALLY working feat. instead of moving forward to next topic i waste hpours on 1 little thing.

      try taking a break, take a walk 😉

      aloso FIX the fucking aiming cuz u aim with arms not hands

    2. Yeah thats it.

      aloso FIX the fucking aiming cuz u aim with arms not hands

      But that’s a bug-feature. When you aim close you aim with hands. Isn’t this how you would aim if something was 1 meter in front of you?

    3. Link-Dead all of a sudden became realistic

    4. Its time to tell you that this grip is TOTALLY FUCKED UP! I think i reported it twice via the in-game bug tracker, but you still insist this is the way you hold a gun. First of all, the arm left arm on this picture ends somewhere in the head. Second of all, how, the fuck, would he aim when he is covering half of his vision with his HANDS?

      this is a screenshot from operation flashpoint. What i want to show, is if you are trying to aim properly, you have to assure that those 3 points are in line:

      1. Your target
      2. The eye you are using
      3. The guns optics

      I think that your soldiers would be like today’s SAS, highly trained whatsoever, therefore you should take a look at cod4, it has some missions as spec-ops, and you can see the models from every angle, and in any animation.

      Seriously, now even counter-strike 1.6 has better gun grip than you.

    5. I agree, the gun-holding in those pictures feels totally awkward and unnatural.

    6. nope, the blast would break your wrists michal. you step back if it’s needed. you can aim with ur arms, up to the guns end.

    7. MM, you should consult someone from military or ex military about weapon holding, standing while holding a weapon, aiming, close combat, etc.

    8. I echo all of the above.

    9. I don’t think he needs to consult a weapons expert. I’m pretty sure he was just satisfied with what he had and decided to ignore the awkwardness.

    10. I’m moved to tears by your concerns but you don’t understand.

      Those screens were taken with the mouse cursor being 1-2 meters away from the gostek. If you aim at something that close you will naturally stop aiming like a retard (like on the flashpoint screenshot) and just hold the gun whatever cause you will hit the target effortless. I think it is quite natural behaviour, maybe just needs a bit of tweaking so it doesnt look like he’s holding the tip of the gun grip.

    11. Look up a video of people shooting various guns (eg. smg, handgun, assault) then rotoscope that shit.
      And that is awesome.

    12. Also, if the target was close, he would aim below head level.

    13. I understand what you’re trying to say, but aiming at near objects surely doesn’t make you use your wrists either. The “front arm” is always moving, and not from the wrist, but from the shoulder, no matter how near the object is. Anything else in game will look silly.

      gigaslave, some soldat inspired korean game with overdone anime/manga-style.
      see videos here:

    15. Yeah… holding your arms above your head and aiming at something in front of your feet looks – and really is – retard, because it WILL break your wrists.

    16. MM, quick lookback on the previous post, Nico suggested infinite ammo, i strongly disagree, especially if the gameplay will conclude objective based, defensive and offensive matches. team bases, forward bunkers/outposts and neutral strongholds should be some of the key ammo restock and medic bays in the game.
      as you said, its war out there, and ammo doesnt appear from nowhere, and with all that combat armor, there shouldnt be much room left for some extra bloodsacks or extra bodyparts.

    17. There definitely won’t be unlimited ammos. Ammo clip managment will be part of the strategy part of the game.

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