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  • Written by . Posted at 3:46 am on February 16th, 2010

    Tried to do splitscreen but ran into a problem. 2 can play on 1 computer but the split view doesnt work. Hope guys on Irrlicht forum help me

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    1. I love xbox.

      Put Link-Dead on Xbox live arcade.

      I’d buy it.

      Also, what does “link-dead” mean/represent?

    2. That would be cool. Theoretically I can compile it under xbox.

    3. sell it under steam!

    4. HexanValaris

      Bad News :( but i hope they will help to =).

    5. aren’t there high requirements to get a game on xbox?

      anyways: could you go a bit more into detail on the errors that occured to you, MM?

    6. Well i think if u wanted to make it for 360 u should write it in XNA or u need to buy a license and a dev kit.

    7. HexanValaris

      illu: this is the same place, where MM asked for help:)
      so i think MolokoTheMole = MM!

    8. RustyScrew

      @HexanValaris considering MolokoTheMole has links to this here website, yeah.

      i guess split screen is a neat idea.

    9. @HexenValaris: no really? *facepalm*

    10. Splitscreen is awesome. Sometimes I like to play with someone who I can see. The game runs at the same speed or there is any loss of frames?

    11. HexanValaris


      I dont know but im think no, because UT3 have splitscreen, and u can turn it on, on PC but this is hidden, and you have to use trick to work:)

    12. HexanValaris:

      Really nice, I didn’t knew UT3 had splitscreen (I don’t have the game, anyway).

      On a totally unrelated news, why the hell in this video UT3 seems to be a Black and White (plus some red) game? Ah, I know why: real is brown/gray. =P Is the entire game like that?

    13. The game runs at the same speed or there is any loss of frames?
      There will be framerate loss, it is inevitible. But I hope it won’t be much and the game still will be fast.

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