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  • Written by . Posted at 9:49 am on February 17th, 2010

    I started thinking about inventory management for LD. Even before thinking of it as an RTS I thought a RPG slot-based system would be best. I don’t know for sure yet. I would be happy to read different views on the subject. Here is a nice discussion about different kinds of inventories.

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    1. HexanValaris

      Good Idea man! :)

      but to do this u have to create tons of weapons ­čśŤ
      and im thinking about missions, also called cooperative modes, example: 4 players only match = Your team (players) have to destroy x base, then the enemy team (bots) have to defend it:)
      and like in the rpg games, you will gain experience, buy new weapons etc.

    2. I like the inventory system in zombie shooter 2. its simple but effective.
      You have 3 slots for weapons (1 slot for pistol, 1 slot for rifle and 1 for special weapon) so you can switch easily through these 3 weapons, 1 slot for the armor and 1 slot for the brain implants (implants are items that improve your status).
      Also, you have special slots in the bag like 1 slot for a medical kit that is automatically used when your health is very low, 1 slot for the flashlight, 1 slot for the droid and 1 for the radar.
      I like it veery much but i think that in link dead you should make slots for boots, helmet, gloves and etc…


    3. Binary Psycho

      System Shock 2 / Deus Ex meets DoTA meets Blackthorne. With that Splitscreen and Xbox controller support plus LAN support for splitscreen, you already got my money.

    4. Inventory tetris would be awesome in this game.

    5. bad idea. it’s clumsy, messy and takes time to orginize. U do it with slots. u decide how many slots you can have: 1 heavy/normal weapon; 1 normal/one hand ;1 one hand etc. Also u have an equipment slot and granade slot. u can manage all that with a quick round menu and shortcuts.

    6. also: something i did when i was bored. my view on soldier class.

    7. Randomguy001

      Have you thought of putting this game on Xbox live? I don’t what you need to post your game but I think think it would help let more people know that your game exists. This game would be a great addiaion to the indie games list.

    8. @Randomguy001

      First of all you need to have a Microsoft XNA account which cost a little extra($1 I think). Once you have an account you can submit a game anytime you want. First the game will go through peer review where it will be played by other XNA members; and if the game gets good enough reviews it could eventually be posted on X-Box Live for others to purchase. You would also get a percentage of the sales too so good luck on your game MM (if you ever decide to do it)! =D

    9. @mmankt

    10. MM, do you remember the crysis cursormenu stuff? Reminding just in case.

    11. If I were you, I’d look at the original X-COM’s menu system. It worked well, and X-COM was also squad-based in a way possibly similar to what you’re doing.

      Although the old style Tetris-ish inventories aren’t particularly new or “streamlined” in the modern sense, they are solid and satisfying to deal with. Plus, they work very well for kitting out troops.

    12. niko šveikovsky

      michal, be sure to very carefully approach the way the controls system works in regards to directing bots where you want them to go.

      mmankt, here’s a more legible version of your scan:

    13. Have you thought of putting this game on Xbox live?

      Yes I would love that. I’d probably need to find a publisher to get it there. I won’t do it on XNA.

    14. mmankt: I like the auto-shotgun and remote detonator ideas.

      XCOM –
      Something like this? Seems very nice and there won’t be any inventory tetris.

    15. Even though perfect dark zero was terrible, I loved it’s inventory system. You had four squares max. Grenades would take up one slot, but a sniper would take up three. Pistols would be one slot as well.

      It worked really well.

      I think that’d be perfect for link-dead.

      Have five squares, climbing gear takes one square up, sniper takes three, pistol takes 1, assault rifles take two spots, some armour power up takes 1 etc.

      What d’ya think?

    16. niko šveikovsky

      i had this idea for an RTS involving ants for a while.

      four arms, and thus four arms to potentially hold weapons.

      small/weak weapons took up one hand, stronger/heavier weapons would take up two hands, and the most powerful weapons would take up all four.

      the catch is such: a weapon that takes two hands is heavier than two weapons that take up one hand each, and the most powerful ones that take up all four available hands are heavier than two weapons that take up two hands each, and much heavier than four weapons that take up one hand each. the result? the more your soldier is armed, the (much) heavier, and thus slower, it gets.

      the resultant gameplay would need tweaking, but the way things would play out is self explanatory.

    17. I think slot based systems with not so many variations of item size work really well in avoiding inventory tetris.\

      niko: thats good. It can work like that for 2 arms too.

    18. Inventory tetris!

      Two games in one!

      We’re onto something here mm…

      Any news on vehicles/turrets?

    19. I think that since this will be fast paced game that will suck every player in for good, inventory should be as k.i.s.s. as posible. 1 button to open it and close it, 1 button to operate it. I don;t know how you’re gonna do it – but that’s your problem, you’re the programis. If you can achieve that, good sir you’ve granted yourself a ticket to Olymp ­čśë

    20. I stumbled across a niqe game called Wings 2. It’s not exactly inventory, but a class creator. The person create the class with the weapons the want. The can go to a base they find on the map and swap out there weapons.

      I vote u should make something similar to modern warefare. And use the base idea from Wings 2.

      1. Create own weapon class with use of 3 weapons to swap through.
      2. Use perks for inventive gameplay.
      3. Ninja rope.
      4. Weapons that change gameplay (something that spawns a small wall for cover).

    21. Marc: yes that’s exactly how I’m planning to do it.
      Weight of the class (light/heavy) will also be calculated from the inventory you carry.

    22. niko šveikovsky

      i’ve always been one for variable soldier speed/weight depending on inventory, it makes a lot of sense and i’m surprised so few games have employed it.

    23. Heres the link:

      Try the game, it completely free with full multiplyer support.
      It could give ideas. The game heavily relys on physics to play.

      If u have any questions about the game ask me, because there are no instruction. Once u know all the features its har to put down and great for lan parties.

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