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  • Written by . Posted at 10:52 am on February 23rd, 2010

    Quick look at a draft of the LD inventory. Shows also the gameplay possibilities it can generate.

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    1. looking good so far.
      Now you just have to make it more organized. Add a sprit of a human body for reference.


    2. HexanValaris

      And release a new demo with splitscreen and inventory feature?!:)

    3. id prefer a new release including : Inventory, RTS command , and RTS enemy bot, MORE FKIN WEAPONS!!! and new usable items like turrets or mines : D!

      that would make my goddamn day.

    4. The main “gameplay possibilities” I can see are obnoxious unnecessary inventory shuffling. The engine is interesting and all, but the gameplay just looks like Soldat, minus fun, plus clunkiness.

      Also, the SPAS-12 is extremely cliche. I hope it’s just a placeholder.

    5. Looks good to me. No “tetris” issues either.

    6. Man, do we really need an inventory like that? seriously. The soldat 3-5 grenades inventory was enough 4 me. I mean, i just want to be able to replace my weapon when i find a better one, and choose my secondary weapon. Soldat had it exactly right. If you need an inventory, then not for the main weapons, but for objects, etc. Anything else makes the game more complicated without any real advantage. Before going on, remember: “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”.

    7. What kind of matches will we expect? Will we see quick 15 minutes engagements lot long drawn out, tactical engagements that span over an hour or longer.

      About the inventory. I hate inventories. Use Battlefield Bad Company 2’s system, class select, choose weapon, choose perks, choose attachments. It’s slick fast and simple.

      Make classes, make some class specific stuff and then make some universal stuff (eg 2 grenades on spawn).

      Inventories slow down shooters. Only RPGs need inventories. Tactical shooters need slick commands as well as quick weapon load outs that are class based.

      Smooth. Fast. Fun.

      We know you can do it because we’ve all played soldat.

      Abd don’t make modern weaponry. Make higher tech stuff. Uzis and Spas’s are like 1970s. L-D is like 2020-30.

    8. This menu will be used in DM when waiting for respawn or before game and for bots to equip them before a match.
      I’m not aiming for a second Soldat so don’t point that as a reference. Ideally I would like the gameplay to have long drawn out tactical battles were you plan everything and have time for stuff like inventory shuffling. I don’t know if that will be possible though but I want to try.

    9. Yeah, i dont see the problem with taking time to handle the inventory.
      This game is about strategy and tactics and not fast paced like soldat.
      Remember that this game will be moddable, so you will be able to make the changes you wanna.


    10. “Use Battlefield Bad Company 2’s system”

      Actually, MM, that’s a great idea. You pretty much already have the makings of that same inventory and I think it will achieve what you want.

    11. I wouldn’t make the game truly any slower than it currently is and from the looks of the bot match video earlier, it’s going to be a relatively fast game still, right?

      I think that’s a good thing, although the level structure would suit a less fast-paced gameplay if bots are able to find you that quickly.

    12. Очень понравилось написанное. Надеюсь, пригодится в скором будущем. Стоит продолжить.

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